Build Newcrest: Chapter 2.8

Angie here. I’m almost done with high school, if you can believe it.


Since you last heard from me I’ve realized that I have feelings for Corey after all. I haven’t told him yet but I’ve been trying to act a bit flirtier lately. He’s sort of dense so I doubt he’s noticed.


I have plans to change that, though.


I invited him to ditch school at the Bluffs and then I put on the charm.


It worked! We went swimming and then got all cuddly.


My heart was pounding the whole time.


At last, I went in for my final move…



He was very receptive. I had hoped for us to move a bit further but… he had to go.

My birthday came shortly after that. Amira was getting ready to pop and so was I (into a young adult, that is).


Corey celebrated with me so we’d stay the same age!


He suddenly was a different guy…


Once mom went to bed we snuck into my room… and later Corey snuck out.


Yep. I’m finally an adult and finally able to make my own choices!


Talk to me! ;)

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