Build Newcrest: Chapter 2.7

It’s been a while, huh? This will be pretty short. I have a lot to catch you up on.

First off, our babies grew up into cute little nerds.

Kazue is destined to look and act just like her mother. Both she and Ichiro are blonde as can be. My grandmother would be shocked. Aunt Aya would say we’ve gone back to near the roots of the Ikeda family tree. Takeo, the first heir, was blonde (he was a fluke) and then the next two heirs ended up being blonde also thanks to him.

Anyway, Kazue is a geek just like Amira. She ended up needing glasses and these happened to be the ones she picked. (I swear we’re not influencing her decisions!)


Ichiro, on the other hand, loves the outdoors. Both kids are pretty helpful overall, as kids these days seem to be. When I was a kid it was my brother who helped because I was a lazy little punk.


Turns out they weren’t going to be the only kids for their generation. Amira told me she was pregnant yet again!

03-11-16_6-44-43 PM


This house was going to get crowded.


Hopefully the twins can keep it together. They can be pretty awful to each other.



I guess that’s just a twin thing, though. Fighting one second, planning pranks the next.


BONUS: A birthday year surprise for me that I just HAD to document. 🙂


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