Build Newcrest: Chapter 2.9

I’m sure you’ve wondered when you’d be hearing from me. In case you’ve forgotten my name (I sure hope not) it’s Anahi. My maiden name was Shipman and I have a younger gigolo brother name Santiago (who knows what my parents were thinking when they named us).


I joined the Ikeda family when I was just out of high school. In hindsight maybe I should have observed a bit longer before moving into a park with my dearly beloved Eiji. No, that’s not sarcasm. I loved him so much…

…even though he teased me about my baking skills.


I’m not that awful! My family is just too picky. Pardon me for not having a gourmet kitchen when we lived in the park. I have more skill than the rest of them, although Amira is really trying, bless.


Being the most competent baker meant I had to make my own birthday cake.


At least I could choose the healthiest option…


My own brother couldn’t even pay attention to my twirl into elder-ness. Hello?! Are you flirting with Frankie our immortal elf friend? I don’t even know you…



Despite their quirks, I do love my entire family even though my grandkids get on my nerves.


They can just be so irritatingjust existing…


I’ve come to terms that as long as I live in this house I’ll have to deal with my feelings. Maybe I could go to therapy…


Or not. I can be grumpy if I want! I deserve it.


Talk to me! ;)

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