The Pied Pianist

Reblogging because this is my alter-ego – see the magic! XD

Tails of ninjapig & the Foodie Five

You’re sitting in the interrogation room at the local police precinct charged with robbing a bank. The problem is, you’re not the kind of person to be robbing banks in the first place – you try telling the officer that, but they show you video footage of you in action – But what is worst is that you don’t remember ever doing this bank job. Everything about it is a fuzzy mess, the last thing you remember was the sweet sound of heavenly piano music.


Chances are, you were mind controlled by the evil Pied Pianist.


Bank jobs are her M.O. She uses her prodigal piano skills to plant suggestive thoughts into peoples minds. The Pied Pianist has twelve bank heists under her belt, and there is no evidence that she plans to stop any time soon.


She frequents public places in search of her unsuspecting minions, it is best…

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