Build Newcrest: Chapter 2.3




Hi. This is Angie, you’re friendly neighborhood weirdo. I’m writing instead of Augie because, well, he’s pretty down as you’d expect after a major rejection.

Augie and Amira came back to the house after their unfortunate date and sat on the front porch to talk some more. I didn’t snoop but they stayed out pretty late. Whatever. He’ll be back to himself soon, I hope…


I wonder if he’ll propose again?

Anyway, enough about him (it’s always about him). Check me out. Do you like my new haircut? I think it’s fun. I had long hair as a kid so I was like, why not? I could have dyed it bright green or something but I didn’t want to scare anyone. I mean, it’s already a freaky cool red. Thanks, genetics!


I’ve been spending my new time as a teen trying to impress a boy. His name is Corey and his family lives over in Oasis Springs, I think. He’s cool. He has an older mom, younger dad, and a little brother. I like his style. We’re friends already but I’m not going to rush anything more for a bit. I have FOREVER.


Oh, my uncle Santiago came over the other day. He’s always been a bit weird so I think I must get it from my mom’s side. We kids don’t know him too well so it was nice to chat a bit. OKAY, more awkward, really.


Here’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about: do have an interest in becoming the heir? I dunno. I know that the rule for our family used to be that they switched genders each generation. In that case it would be me since I’m their only daughter. Some families choose by having a public vote (what?!) and some do it by first born (August). Some even do it by how close you are to the current heir (still August). Dad is getting old… very old. They’re going to have to choose soon… I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT THAT!!!

…You know, though, these rules aren’t set in stone. I guess I could still be the heir. Augie is in SUCH a weird spot right now. Mom told me he earned the non-committal trait (the worst trait he could have for this position!) He quit his job at the cafe right after his breakup and he was SO HAPPY. Eddie, on the other hand, is doing surprisingly well. He was always so odd but now he’s doing better with life than Augie. I feel bad for my biggest brother.

Guess he couldn’t be the golden boy forever.

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