Wonder Child: Baby Makes Three

Date: November 24, 2015
Program: The Wonder Child Project
Project: RRR (Phase 2)
Entry Number: 8D
Report made by: Ms. Kira Bird, Department of Assignment


Citizens Isaac and Amelia Wood (numbers I2034 and A9653, Project #W4834) have given birth to their Wonder Child!

Child Name: Greta Wood
Sex: Female

01 29 16 8 56 40  PM

Following is the journal of the parents.

My name is Isaac and I’m getting ready to embark on a challenge given to me by the Wonder Child Program. Right now Amelia and I are still in the prepping stages so we’re working on improving ourselves.

This isn’t Amelia. This is a friend from the neighborhood. Amelia and I don’t have a chess set at our house so I have to come to the park to get my practicing in for work (I don’t know why I have to do this for work when I’m training to be an astronaut but there you go).

01 29 16 7 43 10  PM


Most of the people I play with are really nice but some of them get bent out of shape when I beat them. This teenager was pretty mad at me. Oh well, I can’t be friends with everyone.

01 29 16 8 04 30  PM


This is Amelia. We met after signing up for this program and we happened to be lucky enough to fall in love. It’s weird to say that. I mean, we’re both in our 40s and had both thought maybe we wouldn’t find someone. It was a blessing in disguise.

01 29 16 7 54 58  PM


We both signed up when we were young. She didn’t actually want anything to do with love at the time. I just was focused on school and thought “why not!” You’re not guaranteed to be put into the program but it’s sort of like an organ donation. Actually. it’s weird if you think about it that way… Don’t.

01 29 16 7 55 28  PM


…But yeah, we were put together into a house with each other and told to create a child. Now, we know what that means and a lot of people would just get down to it but we took our time. We ended up really liking each other and managed to get pregnant really easily.

01 29 16 8 15 56  PM


We’re both super happy now.

01 29 16 8 01 16  PM


We know we’ll have some peaceful time before the baby is born and then before they grow up to be a kid and things get crazy.

01 29 16 8 20 02  PM


We were given these supplements for the kid that help them not need sleep. It’s a little scary but they assured us that the kid will feel absolutely wonderful and not be weirded out at all. I could definitely use that sort of pick me up after work; I’m usually exhausted. I mentioned I’m training in the astronaut program so most of my day is spent in lectures and working out. It’s hard.

01 29 16 8 10 05  PM


Amelia works at a tech company and she claims that she is hardly tired after she gets home. She truly must be a super woman because she’s almost full term!

01 29 16 8 28 26  PM


She always has time to cook meals. Maybe it’s at three in the morning but the leftovers are still amazing.

01 29 16 8 31 53  PM


If she has trouble sleeping she even goes out and hunts for gems and rocks.

01 29 16 8 30 15  PM


Other times we just hang out…

01 29 16 8 36 15  PM


I really like her, though. We’re very happy.

01 29 16 8 34 49  PM


So we made it official…

01 29 16 8 35 35  PM 01 29 16 8 35 58  PM


We were married that night.

01 29 16 8 37 24  PM very happy

My name is Amelia and I’ll be sharing the next part of our journey.  To start, being pregnant wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Isaac gave me too much credit before. I did get tired I just didn’t complain about it. Isaac doesn’t complain, mind you, but he just goes to bed when he gets home. I had the urge to clean and cook and do all sorts of things. My young adult self would want to shoot me because of how domestic I’ve become. I guess I was nesting or something.

I will admit that the worst part of pregnancy was just maneuvering around the house with my belly. It was massive! I knocked over the same poor plant too many times to count.

01 29 16 8 50 10  PM


Eventually, though, the time came for our little one to join us.

01 29 16 8 51 15  PM
congrats labor

(her timing could be a little better!)


We had a girl we named Greta.

01 29 16 8 52 40  PM


Isaac was so good with her. We cuddled her any chance we had.

01 29 16 8 56 25  PM new baby congrats


When we weren’t cuddling her we were cuddling each other…

01 29 16 9 09 18  PM


It made our neighbors uncomfortable when they just dropped by. I hope we taught them a lesson…

01 29 16 9 10 33  PM


The next day I phoned Kira to come over and meet Greta. She just about flew to our house.

01 29 16 9 16 21  PM


I must be a mean mom because I woke up poor Greta for the meeting; she wailed at me…

01 29 16 9 17 06  PM


Kira was very happy to see her, though!

01 29 16 9 16 45  PM


We look forward to her baby and toddler years with delight and excitement!


  1. Great story, Meggs and congrats goes out to Isaac and Amelia (who looks a lot like you) on getting married and the birth of their little girl! She’s adorable! Have a great day and stay tuned for your (Megg’s) appearance in Lorraine’s next update.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That onesie is SO cute! And I love the upright piano! Bob’s face was so funny there at the door.

    These two are so wonderful together!

    I’m itching to do another Wonder Child! Maybe in the fall! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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