Build Newcrest: Chapter 2.2

Heeeey… Eddie here. You haven’t heard from me yet because my twin can be a real ASS. He’s STILL an ass because this update is mostly about him. Great.

My life has really turned around since moving out of the park. I changed my look a little and now I’m feeling a lot better. I gave up really easily with Yuki. She has a lot going on in her life. My childhood friend, Shauna, though, is still pretty awesome. She really changed when she aged up into a young adult. (By the way, dad got her name wrong before – he called her Shona.) I decided to keep at the friendship thing and now we’re good buds. I’m crossing my fingers that maybe she’ll see me in a different light when it’s my turn…


…which happened to be today. Mom made us a cake (begrudgingly; she had a bad day at work and was still feeling it).


Yeah… it was not her day; the cake looked a little sad. (Still tasted good).


As the older twin, August went first.


I stretched a little to get ready for the spin as he did his own. He seemed to be deep in thought once he was done. He didn’t say why.


Then it was my turn. I wished that I was more confident… Instead I felt like I needed personal time. I had developed the loner trait. I mean, not quite what I was going for but at least I felt happy when I was by myself. I just started writing postcards to pen pals!


Augie told me later what he was thinking about: a big proposal for Amira. He wanted me to come along and photograph them. Sure, I thought. All three of us have been studying photography for a while so I was as good as anyone, I guess.

The next afternoon he told Amira he wanted to take her on a date. She was all “yeah, sure!”


I followed them to the park and watched, rolling my eyes the whole time.


They had a really nice date. Gold status, some would say.


They went to dinner after that and I took a snooze in the cabin. Why else would we leave beds there? Afterwards they came back to the park, dressed in their nicest clothes. I don’t know how he convinced her to bring a change of clothes but he did.

They embraced near the river…


It was gaggingly adorable.


Then he knelt down, reached into his pocket…


…and pulled out a beautiful ring he had recently bought.


What happened next, oh my watcher…

She slapped the ring out of his hands!


I wish you could have seen my face. It was basically this cat:



Poor August’s face was the same only he had the added expression of heartbreak in his eyes. He stared at her and she suddenly rounded on him. I am so happy she couldn’t see me (how she didn’t, I’ll never know). Anyway, she tore into him.


He was SO UPSET.




During this time I realized that Bingo was on the prowl (our cowplant; don’t forget her!). That’s not good. I scanned the area for the gardener but didn’t see her so I rushed over to feed our pet. On my way I saw Mr. Villareal reach for the cake. I shouted for him to stop but the idiot took it anyway and in he went! By the time I got there Bingo had already spit him out. He must not have tasted very good.


I breathed a sigh of relief but then I heard him sort of gasp and lie down.


Oh plum.


A crowd began to gather around the old man and soon Grim appeared. I hadn’t met him yet so it was a bit of a shock to see him.


Amira and August noticed a commotion and came over to join the crowd; everyone was pretty down (even though that Frye girl decided this was the perfect time for a selfie…)


I pleaded with Grim (what else could I do?!) but he didn’t hear me and took the old man away. We set up the grave near the house. It did give the park a realistic settled look, sorry to say. Guess it might be haunted now?


With Grim’s visit clouding their date, the two “lovebirds” had a quiet chat.


At that point I went home. That date is not something I will soon forget. I’m really hoping that if I ever decide to propose that my girl won’t react the same way…

I’m scarred for life.


      1. I appreciate it! I am trying to decide if I think they are different from each other. I was definitely trying harder to August but I worry that whoever takes over will sound the same. I’m happy to hear it, though! Tomorrow’s entry is from Angie and she has a couple things different about her so we’ll have to see how she sounds, too!

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          1. 😀 I agree there, he is a lot less cocky. August is a little annoying for me. Angie’s entry is really short so I’m hoping to add a bit more to it tonight. If not it can stand on its own. ❤ OH, but anyway, Eiji is really old so I am going to be rushing the clock to have him possibly attend his sons' weddings… T_T

            Liked by 1 person

        1. I don’t know what her last trait is – I didn’t check. I’m guessing non-committal. I’ll tell you this spoiler, though: August’s last trait is non-committal!!!I think she was happy before he proposed! *sweats* I have absolutely no idea. I thought about adding her to the family to see what her tense moodlet said but decided against it.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I know! I seriously haven’t seen that one yet. I wonder if it’s new.

      I felt bad about Jacques, too… at first. Then I read his official bio and it said his wife had a “mysterious disappearance” and I thought “HM, maybe he deserves it…”

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