Build Newcrest: Chapter 2.1

Quick note before we begin… This is my 200th post overall! WOO! There are a few off topic posts here but this is great news! Woooooo! Anyway, on to the voices of gen 2!

Well, well, well. I know you’re shocked to hear from me. I mean, I’m pretty confident I’ll be running this joint for the next sixty years but my parents want to be sure I’ll be the best choice. Psh. Whatever.


So, technically dad’s still acting heir since he’s still alive (which I’m happy about, of course) but he’s letting Ed and I help him with the planning process for this new neighborhood. We went with a simple plan. The insides of these places are the exact same floor plan but different color schemes. I think they look nice. Two bedrooms, one bath, kitchen, separate dining, big family room across the front. It’s simple.


As for our house… it’s cool. We found it on this great house planning website.


It’s a bit more than we were supposed to spend but we could actually afford it so why not?


A quick tour for ya.

This is the kitchen. Cool.


The dining room as viewed from the kitchen. (Mom loves that exposed brick.)


The family room. A little stiff but we can maybe adjust things as we grow into it.


The upper landing (the lower landing is boring so I figured you wouldn’t want to see it). The first door on the left is the balcony, the second leads to a computer room and then another door in there leads to my room. The next door is the bathroom. ALSO, remind me later that I need to move those pictures down a bit; they look stupid all the way up there by the ceiling.

(Angie’s buddy, Trogdor, came along with us)

Parents’ room. It’s attached to another balcony. Neat


Ed’s and my room. I took the window spot.


We had to add Angie’s room. It’s small but she says she really doesn’t mind. It’s nice and cozy, she says.


The other side of her room.


There you go. Our new house. There’s a couple places I left out but you’ll see them eventually. Maybe.

Since moving in both my parents have gotten jobs. Mom is working at a restaurant. She seems to enjoy having a nicer kitchen that what we had at the cottage.


Dad got a desk job at some business. I don’t know why he chose that place but I guess it’s because he doesn’t have to do too much work outside of the office.

(See? We moved the pictures!)

Don’t remember if I mentioned it but I started working at a coffee shop in the mornings. It’s nice to get up early. Since Ed and I have an A in school we’ve been taking classes at the local college and only have class on Mondays. Sweet. All three of us have As right now so dad is really pleased with the whole lot.


“You’re on your way up! You’ll be great, kid!”

Oh, so I mentioned Angie’s birthday was coming up. Dad wanted to see how she turned out. Mom made her a cake and we all stood around her as she blew out her candles.


She’s turned out to be a little clumsy. There are worse traits a person can have (and she’s got one already).


Yeah, she’s my sister but I have more important people to talk about: Amira.

You know we promised ourselves to each other ages ago when we were just little things. She’s a little older than I am so we had her over to celebrate her birthday with Angie.


Afterwards we went upstairs to my room to talk. I was talking about how soon I would be an adult and then we could move things along a bit more… Wink wink, nudge nudge.


She seemed a little awkward and apprehensive about what I said.


I have no idea why; we’ve always consider ourselves soulmates. I’m trying not to let it bother me but I’d be lying if I said wasn’t a little worried…


    1. I’d like to thank the gallery, lol!!! I did build the smaller houses and I’ve got the 6th generation “mid-range” house mostly built. It was just too expensive for gen 2. XD

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  1. I’m really taking in the little details of the home in this readthrough – Trogdor! The little snowflakes in Angie’s room! How cozy all the bedrooms are, and how nice the exposed brick walls are in the dining room. 🙂

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