Build Newcrest: Chapter 1.10

We’ve done it!!!

Today is a special day…

We’re moving out of the park! I know, I know, it feels like just yesterday that I moved away from home and pitched a tent in the middle of friggin nowhere. Heck, we could have moved out ages ago if I had paid better attention to those damn plants. I’m gonna chalk it up to old age. Yeah, that’s it.

Anyway, a tour seems in order.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the one side…

…and then the other…

Alright. Detail time.

Here you have the “wishing well”. I don’t believe in this stuff but Angie sort of does; Frankie, too. Donations to the park helped fund this after we moved out. We were short a few thousand. That thing was EXPENSIVE!

We kept the original wedding arch where we married ages ago (or did we elope? I can’t remember…)

Bingo protects the homestead from inside her tiny fence (that doesn’t protect anyone). The hired gardener takes good care of her and I’ve been told she’s a good girl.

The playground has some chairs off to the side for weary parents to rest their feet as they watch their brats run around.

And then you have the chess set and fountain.

I think we did well.

Let me pull up my map so you can see our next project: houses! I think I might talk to August about changing things a bit. There’s actually a playground nearby. Not very smart to put a bar there. I think I’ll suggest a small library or something…

Looks like we have some more work to do. Being a city planner is hard.

Although I guess I’m going to pass the torch to one of the kids soon anyway. Still not sure who we’re gonna have take on the next generation. I kept saying August but I’ll give Angie a chance. She’s gonna be a teenager soon and we’ll hopefully see her personality shine a bit more.

Next time you’ll hear from us we’ll be moved into our new house!


    1. It is funnnn! It’s still a legacy so I guess that’s why I’m loving it so much. 🙂 And TECHNICALLY you don’t even have to build the lots for some generations until you’re all done!

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