Cloud Prettacy: 1.2

Some time later, Jade had some good news to share with Cosmo!


She moved into the mansion and Cosmo moved on to his next conquest: Ulrike.


While Ulrike and Cosmo got to know each other better, Jade obliviously went about her day…


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A (long) while later…


As Cosmo slept, Jade came home from work and headed to the hospital to give birth…


She had a boy that Cosmo named Draco.


To celebrate the birth of his new son, Cosmo decided to hit the town!


While there he caught the eye of Nancy Landgraab.


They became fast friends


(Poor Geoffrey!)



After Nancy left the bar, Cosmo was approached by none other than Ulrike.


She was pregnant! There was baby No. 2 for his goal. Ulrike packed up and quickly moved into the mansion.

Over the next few days, Cosmo made some more “friends”. Despite what you may think, he was getting tired of his antics. He was starting to feel a little guilty…



    1. That’s the goal but the most fun is seeing what the different kids look like. I have my first teenager and he was hilarious but also familiar. Like, if you could take away the ears he might look a little like Colin Morgan, LOL!

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    1. Thanks (for the flower, lol) I’m not sold on it. I can’t get things to look nice here. *sigh* I think I might make a splash page when I have some time so maybe I’ll be able to make something that looks nice…

      I feel bad about this challenge because it’s such a shallow one and not my style to write about (fun to play, though, haha!) It’s also so easy to woo these people… Nancy was a pushover.

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