Cloud Prettacy: 1.1


Name: Cosmo Cloud
Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Traits: noncommittal | dance machine | self-assured | alluring
Career: Painter
Clubs: Partihaus (oh no)

I know he’s not really ugly in the face but the features are exaggerated enough I should have trouble, you know? I mean look at his thighs and upper arms! AND his teeny tiny feet!



Cosmo moved into the house he was assigned to by the high council of his people (he’s a non-alien alien). It was his duty to create a handsome heir to continue his line. He was blessed with a face not as unfortunate as some but the rest of him would take some work.


Thankfully, the welcome wagon that greeted him consisted of only women. Surely one of them would be able to help him with his task


Cosmo asked to join Partihaus that afternoon and was soon swept away to the Von Haunt estate for a dance party.


He danced so hard he ended up wetting himself…


Still got in.

Jade asked out Cosmo the next night and they went dancing.


It didn’t take long for him to show off his charms…



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