Cloud Prettacy: 1.3

Note: Fixed my picture troubles! Thanks for putting up with them for a day! 😉

Draco aged up into a child and earned the self-assured trait!


As was planned, Jade said goodbye to her son and moved out of the house and back with her old roommates.


News spread to Cosmo that all three women he had befriended were pregnant!  They all moved in and claimed a room in the huge mansion. Cosmo was thankful that he could stop worrying about an heir and finally focus on earning money to keep his estate in line.

However, with three more women in the house things got to be a little crazy…



One person who seemed to enjoy the extra chaos people was Draco.

01 11 16 7 13 32  PM

To complete his whiz kid aspiration he needed all the adults he could get!

Despite the craziness, Ulrike soon gave birth to another son for Cosmo!


He named the child Loki.


Once Loki was born the rest of the ladies started their race to the finish line. Nancy was next… She had a boy Cosmo named Thor (lol)…


…and a girl Nancy named Melody.


Three boys in a row wasn’t too bad, Cosmo thought. He hoped the rest of his luck would be just that: luck!

Eva was next…


She had a single girl she named Selena.


Zoe was last… I knew a secret about Zoe’s baby….ies…


She had triplet GIRLS. She named them Tia, Mia, and Gia (because we’re going for easy here).


Now there were eight children and four adults in the house. Cosmo hoped that maybe Ulrike would consider staying a little longer after Loki grew into a child…


Time was running out and he needed all the help he could get.

(We’ve gotten rid of the grill in case you were wondering. XD )

I misread the rules of the challenge and discovered that boys don’t all need to have the self-assured trait. I discovered this too late for gen 2 but we can correct it for gen 3. Have to say though, 2/3rds of the boys actually rolled self-assured so I didn’t do too much accidental cheating at all!

Loki turned into a little cutie with hair to match his dad and skin to match his mom. We know that kids don’t look like their “final form” quite yet so we still have some time to see how the unfortunate genetics take over.



        1. It’s because I was lazily copying them from The link system is only giving them to me as thumbnails so I’ll have to figure it out. I left the cafe so it’ll have to happen later.


    1. It’s because I was lazily copying them from The link system is only giving them to me as thumbnails so I’ll have to figure it out. I left the cafe so it’ll have to happen later.

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        1. Yeah, this was mostly to update y’all on the kids that were born so you didn’t miss much. HOWEVER, they’re updated now if you’d like to take a peek! :3


    1. Oh yeah! Spoilers: he didn’t finish but he got to the second or third tier! 🙂

      Also, wanted to tell you that I fixed the pictures on this chapter if you’d like to see. :3

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  1. Ok, great, I’m glad you were able to get the pictures worked out. That’s a pain managing the site, when they don’t show up. I find the child aspirations pretty hard to finish but I like to let them do what they want anyway.

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