The Beaumont Legacy: Toddler Time

I didn’t take many screenshots of the tots because they brought chaos and destruction.

It was an absolute NIGHTMARE. The babies were bad enough but then the toddlers were like little hellbeasts. They seriously almost broke me. Amélie and Craig almost died of hunger. The babies almost got taken away because of social decay… It was just awful, LOL.

On the day of their birthday I was thankful that they had been using their logic toys and I could get them out of the red and into gold. I aged them up AS SOON AS I COULD. They did not learn any toddler abilities. They’re lucky they survived.


Marie was the first to age up.

snapshot_63532cb0_c353c6f2This is the dress she aged up into so I kept it!

snapshot_63532cb0_a354dca3Then Lucie…
snapshot_63532cb0_8353c771She also aged into her outfit and looked decent. So far so good.
snapshot_63532cb0_6354dcb2And poor little Eva was last.
snapshot_63532cb0_a353c7b9Her outfit didn’t match so this is the new outfit I gave her.
snapshot_63532cb0_6354dcc0I say “poor little Eva” because she seemed to be the third wheel of her sisters (and she inherited her mother’s full cheeks).

sad evaThey weren’t mean to their sister but they definitely hung out together without her. They became besties almost immediately.

lucie and marie besties

Eva was the second triplet named with sister Marie. Lucie was on her own naming screen. You’d think Marie and Eva would look more the same but you’d be wrong.

PS: Forgot to mention! Craig was demoted and fired while the kids were toddlers. He made bad choices.


    1. Oh, so fun! In the future I’ll be sure to share the little things that make Sims 2 unique! 🙂

      My favorite thing about it is how hard it is to keep them happy. They have their happiness bar and if it goes a little red they start to worry about their aspiration. If it’s a bit more red they start doing “aspiration failure” things, and if it plummets into dark red they have a mental breakdown. Poor babies, LOL.

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    1. DISLIKE! 😦 I’m sorry. I had this trouble before I started playing again and I somehow made it work. When I’m home from work I’ll link you to the help thread I found if you’d like? 🙂

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    1. THEY ARE! That and it takes two and a half plates of food to fill up my adults so I’m like “WHAT THE HELL?” They are constantly cooking. I don’t remember having this problem before. Also, they keep going outside in the cold without changing into outerwear. AND AND the parents keep trying to sleep in the kids’ beds.

      eta: I just googled it and OF COURSE your cooking skill helps you make better meals. DUH!

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        1. I was trying not to cheat but I have several times already. kaching, add pet, notepad glitch (I sold the same novel three times), kaching, maxmotives (for teen!Eva – she has a glitch and it didn’t help), and give aspiration points to Eva for the same glitch.

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  1. Oh that sounds like a nightmare bringing those girls up! :/

    Marie and Lucie look quite alike! They take after their dad but have their mum’s hair. I think Eva is the third wheel in more ways than one now, poor thing.

    What in the world did Craig do? XD

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