Build Newcrest: Chapter 1.6

Nooboos of all types!

August and Eddie have become fast friends. Their two personalities really gel well and I’m happy my boys have each other.



Eddie is less sad when he’s got his twin around.



However, sometimes life just gets Eddie down.




I dunno, Dude, if you watched your mom try to cook you’d cheer up in no time!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve put on some weight. I told you before that it’s in my blood to age into a tub of flub. I made the choice to start exercising. Hopefully it’ll help me get back to my youth…



Gonna have to step up my game, of course, since we’ll soon have another kid runnin’ around this place.



Anahi woke up from her nap and waddled in to where we have the cradle set up. Of course I had to panic. We’ve only gone through this once before, you know, so I’m no pro by any means.



Anahi and I had a little girl. Anahi decided to have full naming rights to this kid and named her Angelina.



I don’t know if you realized this but we named the boys August and Eddie so they would match our names, Eiji and Anahi. If we have another kid they get to be an E name. Just some fun trivia for ya…



While the new babe slept Anahi set the boys down to help with their homework. I watched from the sidelines, ready to interject if I remembered something from school.



That never happened but I always learn something new when Anahi helps them.



They learn something, too, of course!



In all the years my family has been around one thing we’ve never seen is a real life cowplant. I know that my great-great something or other grandmother Rei did receive the title of Master (Freelance) Botanist but I don’t think she had a cowplant. That’s one of those things I think I’d remember hearing about. I mean, history can get pretty fuzzy but no one could ever forget a cowplant attack. I’ve heard stories…

SO, what better creature to introduce to a house full of children than a cowplant? I finally grafted the correct plants together and produced the proper seed.



Anahi told me she thought it was adorable (it is, of course).



We decided to put her right in front of the house both to show off my skills and to protect our property.



She’ll make a great guard plant.



We’ve already become acquainted. I hope she likes us.



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  1. Yes! And could your family be MORE cute? I think not! Plus… I just realized…. *dun, dun, DUNH…* Since Eiji is gen 10, the kids are gen 11! Wow. No wonder they are so awesome and animated!

    Your building and landscaping are so beautiful! This is really inspiring!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There’s that achievement to have 100 generations so maybe in ten years I’ll earn it! 😉

      And thanks! I am really trying to make the park look nice. It helps to work on it in spurts. Eiji is almost done with his aspiration and I think any time after he completes it I can move them on to the next project.

      Liked by 2 people

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