The Beaumont Legacy: Sims 2!

So I’m starting a new game, sue me. 😛 I’m planning to just do teeny little updates here or there unless things get too fun for me. 🙂

Founder: Amélie Beaumont


Aspiration: Family
Sign: Aquarius (see below)

personalityTurn-Ons: beards and cooking skill
Turn-Off: hats
turn on-off

Bio: “Amélie came to the city to start a new life for herself, find love, and raise a family all the way to ten generations!”

house day 1Next we’ll see how she gets on…


          1. Sims 3 came and went, sims 2 I can always play (nostalgia of elementary school and late, LATE school nights hiding my computer under my covers at 3 in the morning and getting caught by mom…:P and listening to her get onto dad doing the same thing in the dining room with counter strike and skittles!) ahhhhh memories!

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