Tettie’s New Years Eve Extravaganza

Promo for my event in the Freezer Bunny Holiday Simfest


Tettie’s New Years Eve Extravaganza
Join D-List celebrity Tatsuya Ikeda for a fun filled evening at his swanky bachelor pad! Enjoy music, dancing, video games, and a countdown to the new year! Send your significant other for a special new years kiss at midnight or boldly kiss a stranger!* Appetizers and adult beverages will be served. Black Tie Optional.

*Kissing also optional 😉


  • I will accept as many applicants as necessary I’ve got the full house mod and I’m not afraid to use it!
  • I will also take CC if you provide links but please keep it Maxis match and try not to go overboard. 😉

Upload them with #tettiesnye 😆

Current Deadline: ASAP!


Talk to me! ;)

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