Suzu Clan: Chapter 1.16

Rigel the hotshot

Before we get started with this chapter, I just wanted to share that Orion traveled to another game! He wanted to have a chance at real love in a speed dating event so off he went! He settled down with a nice gal named Rowan Weekes. Will he admit that he has a teenage son with a warrior queen? (I wouldn’t!) Read about his appearance here.

The clan had a visitor in the form of Hana Caliente, Nina’s daughter. Her father was Don, the man Katrina had mentioned back when Suzu had been new to the community. He had been sacrificed, of course. Dina Caliente had a daughter named Diana but she was still an infant.



Hana admitted to Rigel that she was squeamish and Rigel told her he was outgoing. They got on well enough. Suzu kept an eye on their visitor from her yoga mat. She wondered if Hana would report everything she saw to her grandmother.



Hana did not stay for very long and for this Suzu was grateful. She had some news she wished to tell Rigel…



He took it quite well! He knew from overhearing the adults’ chatter that they were hoping he would have a sister to take over the clan some day. He wouldn’t mind having a sister, he thought.



What he did mind was the idea that his mother would be replaced. He had not yet experienced death and didn’t understand why a replacement would be necessary. He confided all this to his frog.

“Why do we need to get older, Ms Frog? Do you think I’ll understand more about life after I have my teen birthday tomorrow?”



The next morning, as promised, the clan got together for Rigel’s birthday. Tatiana made his cake and Rigel stepped up to make his wish…



Suzu was happy to see that he resembled his father in some ways and herself in others. What he did inherit was his parents’ intellect. He was considered to be a genius.



Over the next few weeks he spent his time exploring the compound as an older version of himself. There was much for him to learn…



For instance, he discovered that, like his father, he had a tendency to catch fire more than the average person.



In addition to being overly flammable, growing up Rigel was told stories of how strong his father was and he knew that he had the potential to bulk up considerably. It would take time, of course, but he was willing to give it a shot.



In the evenings, he took to the lake to work on his dream of becoming a master fisherman. He knew that his time would be well spent and help his clan in the long run.



Back at the compound, Elon worked silently in the garden trying his hardest to clear his head. Suzu had mentioned that she could have her child any day now and Elon was both excited and nervous. He had been brought in to help her produce an heiress and he prayed that they would be blessed with good fortune.



They would soon have their answer as early that next morning Suzu went into labor…



There are no cellphones in my world so I couldn’t use this, but this is the first thing Rigel did as a teen! swoons





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