Tatsuya Ikeda

#ThrowBackThursday to share Tatsuya’s application for Love Shot

Backtracking a little because I realized I hadn’t put Tatsuya’s profile on my blog! You know his spiel, yada yada…

Tatsuya Ikeda
Glutton | Slob | Geek
Master of Flavor | Master Mixologist
Download here or by searching #hgbachelorette on the gallery


Tatsuya Ikeda is the sixth child of his family and the oldest of his triplet brothers. Yes, he has seven siblings. Has it been hard for him living in such a big family? Oh, yes. That’s why he’s here. His fate was decided decades ago. His generation, the ninth, was to be a matriarchal one and so his birth was not met with the greatest excitement. Still, he hasn’t let that get him down. He grew up without the watchful eye his sisters had and was able to become a free-spirited kind of guy. That’s how he was able to get the tattoos he has. That’s why he so enjoys eating the baked goods his sister, Sami, makes. That’s why he doesn’t care so much about his messy hair. That’s why he enjoys the nerdy delights the internet often brings. All these things make him who he is today and he’s happy.

So… is he here for love? Well, he’s pretty clueless in that department. I’ll let you in on a secret: he’s never even kissed a girl! He’s hoping he’ll have a good time, at least. Maybe he’ll impress everyone with his skills behind the bar. Or maybe he’ll just end up “impressing” everyone with his extensive knowledge of failed sci-fi shows…


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