NinjaPig in Europe: Part 3

NinjaPig visits the main park of Disneyland Paris.

After our tumultuous night getting to our B&B, we were pleased to have a slightly more normal morning. We had breakfast and then walked to the bus stop. It was very close so we showed up early. Better early than late! NinjaPig was pretty excited.

The bus ride was crazy! It was a double length bus and we stood on the curve. Lots of jostling. That was interesting.

Once we arrived at the park NinjaPig was so excited she couldn’t focus!

There we go!

We went straight to the rides! Our first one was Space Mountain and it was very fun! It ranked at #1 for most of the day, actually.

We were hungry after that so we got Nutella brioche buns and yummy tea.

We spent the rest of the day queuing for rides and finding relief indoors. We found a great barbecue place that had open doors, lots of seating, and air conditioning!

It was very hot.

NinjaPig did her best to help us plan our next stop.

She wanted to go back to Space Mountain but we told her we didn’t want to get caught in the parade.

We tried to go redeem our fast pass for Thunder Mountain Railroad but the ride was down for maintenance! They said we could come back at any time so we decided to go back to our resting spot.

NinjaPig was happy to find a character that was her size to take a photo with! CAPTAIN AMERICA!

(Seems funny that there’s Captain America in Paris but what do I know? OH, and another funny thing is all the American merchandise they had. I know it’s Disney but really. Disneyland Paris bags with American flags on it? Amusing.)

NinjaPig was tired again so she took another nap. I wish I could have!

We had a dinner reservation at 5 PM so we debated going through the Fast Pass line for Thunder Mountain RR but decided we didn’t want to do that right before dinner.

The Blue Lagoon restaurant was so fun! It was inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and you could watch the people float by. We were up top but that was probably better since the people on the ride sometimes cheered at the restaurant goers.

NinjaPig liked my Planter’s Punch (it was so yummy).

After we ate we went to peruse the shops for a while and try and avoid the parade. It ended up being super easy because the parade had happened while we were eating! Lucky! We had less luck avoiding the Elsa Invasion. Elsa and Anna drove by in a carriage possibly three times while we were by Main Street. I swear that we heard Let it Go about six times in two hours. The little girls standing along the route screamed at them “ELSAAAAA!!!! PRINCESS ANNAAAAA!!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!!!” Despite my annoyance, it made me emotional when the cast members found the little girl screaming, smiled at only her, and blew a kiss. Aw.

Back in Frontier Land, Thunder Mountain RR was listed as down for maintenance yet AGAIN! We were worried. We really wanted to ride this one! With some amount of luck, the ride opened as we were standing there and we went over to the Fast Pass line where… it was closed. People were just standing there waiting for someone to open it. Well, we knew better (my friend’s sister works for DIsney Orlando). We found a cast member and they directed us to the handicapped entrance. They let us in and several minutes later the rest of the FP line had joined us. It was AMAZING. We rode in the night air and it beat out Space Mountain for the #1 ride of the day.

Our evening was coming to a close and we were exhausted. I really wanted to go back to the B&B but my friend REALLY wanted to see the fireworks. I did, too, but not at the risk of missing our bus like the night before. I’m glad we stayed. They were really fun and pretty. My emotions came back and I teared up again (what even?). There was an engagement nearby us, too, so that got me going as well. 😛

Okay, so it was less fireworks, more light show with elements of fireworks. 😛 There was some lightening at the beginning so, by the end, there was a small drip. I made us leave right before the end with hopes we would just barely make our bus. We might have but it started to downpour!!! We made a wrong turn! We miss our bus AGAIN! We had more frustrations when the taxi drivers wouldn’t take us to our place again. We got back just around midnight. NinjaPig was happy to be back…


    1. I really like the way they picked which songs to play in English vs French. I also got emotional when they played “Friend Like Me” with Robin Williams, lol. I’m a sucker. 😛

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  1. What a wonderful day to be a ninjapig! 🙂 I’m so glad she had plenty of fun! Also, I love her excitement and heat exhaustion pictures to bits. And her napping/sleeping pictures too! 🙂

    Yay for a breakthrough with Thunder Mountain!

    P/S: I’d love to be the bus driver taking ninjapigs to Disneyland. They look so cute sitting on the bench! ❤

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