NinjaPig in Europe: Part 4

Disneyland Studios & the trip back to London.

Our second day at Disney started with a cute little breakfast at our B&B. Fresh croissants, ham, cheese, butter, jam, and OJ. NinjaPig judged me severely for eating ham and cheese but I ignored her. I let her lick the jam jar and she forgave me (for the mean time…)

As we were leaving that night, we brought our luggage with us on the bus. We got side standing spots and I let NinjaPig sit out with us. She enjoyed looking at all the young folk around us on their way to their summer Disney jobs. I think we even saw a princess pre-costume!

Once inside, we quickly made our way to Rockin’ Roller Coaster and got in line and on the ride pretty quickly. I liked the music aspect and it was pretty fun (not as great as Thunder Mountain, though!) Next, we decided to get our FP for Tower of Terror because we figured it would be a fairly short ride. I considered attaching NinjaPig to some yarn and tying it tight around my wrist and seeing if she’d fly with us on the ride, but decided against it. NinjaPig was for it, though!

We went on the tram tour next and we both enjoyed this dragon hedge.

I don’t have a good video (aka: one rotated in the right direction) but this will have to do for now (the rotated version is on YouTube but I can’t link it at this wifi spot!)

Wandering over to the kiddie land, Buzz Lightyear greeted us in all his towering glory! He spoke both French and English (not Spanish like in Toy Story 3). NinjaPig knows French, did you know? “Je suis NinjaPig. Je faim. J’aime biscuits.”

Before heading back to Tower of Terror, we decided to check out the other big rides to see if we could get FPs there. They were closed already. We ran into a sort of pickle. All the big rides had awful lines up to 120 minutes! There was no way we were going to do that (our feet hurt SO much). Back to Tower of Terror we went. Luckily, the wait for Tower was only 15 minutes (it turned out to be 30) and we went up. It was GREAT! Really startling but very cool. ๐Ÿ™‚ We killed time before our late lunch reservation in shops and a cute little animation presentation. Mushu was there and speaking in French. English speakers were able to listen to headphones.ย NinjaPig tried to talk to the animator to see if they would put her in a future movie but we had to move on to the next room and she didn’t want to be left behind.ย There was another video after that and it was really fun, yet again, to see which clips they used that were in English, French, or German. My favorite was Shang from Mulan speaking German, haha!

We went back to the Ratatouille section of the park and saw that the single riders line for the ride was only 15 minutes long! We had 30 so we got in line… We cut it close but made it out just in time.

The restaurant was very cute and everything was miniaturized. Dinner was great and NinjaPig helped me with my cheese plate at the close of the meal.

Our day finally came to an end and we were on the train bound for London. Before we left I had wifi, so NinjaPig checked out our comments on the blog. (Thanks, everyone!)

The three of us played Catan the whole 3-ish hours. Emily won both games. She really harasses the other players and tries to bribe them with extravagant trades. Her method of getting the longest road and having good settlement placements did her well. My numbers rarely were called so I feel like that was my main downfall. NinjaPig didn’t like losing twice so she went to sit in my bag. She didn’t talk to Emily for the rest of the evening.

Once back in London we took the tube to the area near our hotel. We walked the wrong direction to our hotel and wasted time BUT we finally got there. NinjaPig told us to go the other way but we wouldn’t listen. NP knows best!


  1. Ah, ninjapig. She always learns the two most important phrases of a new language: how to say her name, and how to ask for a snack. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    She looks so surprised/shocked at the Tower of Terror! Something must have caused those teeny ears to stand up like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your two days at Disneyland sound like fun! I’m happy all of you had a great time there. ninjapig will remember all the fun times there for her lifetime! โค And any future ninjapiglets will definitely hear the story of ninjamom almost making it into a Disney movie, over and over and over again… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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