Chapter 81: The Mysterious Visitor

The family meets a traveler… #wheresfree

Well, that was a nice little break from the legacy. My friend visited for the weekend so my play time was cut out from last weekend.  Before that happened, though, I took out my mods and packed up Chiyo for CathyTea’s Animal Hat Summer Camp!

As AHSC has a lot of Game Aware sims I think Chiyo is going to have her eyes opened a bit. The rest of the family is either going to embrace it or think she’s nuts. Since you really don’t hear their thoughts it doesn’t really matter but for the next generation I’m going to try and fit it in somehow (I have some ideas).

For now, though, we’re back to the grind and counting down the days until the triplets age up.

Chiyo seemed to realize that she was in two places at the same time and contemplated the meaning of this over her cereal.

07-09-15_7-41 PM-4

“What is air”

Aya tried to help her understand a bit, as she’s been other places, too. It’s not something Aya has really talked about during her stay with the family. Everyone just knows that she had (and is having!) a wonderful time.

07-11-15_12-06 AM-3Chiyo seemed to brighten at the thought. She would be able to tell everyone what her other self was doing when it finally started!

07-11-15_12-07 AM-2

Malik (along with the triplets and Chiyo) received his birthday notification just after we booted up, too. I don’t read things very carefully so of course I forgot to have someone make him a cake. He aged into an elder and kept his dark hair for some reason. Hey, I’m not gonna argue with genetics! He barely even looks like an elder! He’s not even related by blood to the amazing ageless Aya!

07-09-15_9-16 PM

Seriously? I had to double check it was his elder birthday!

It seemed like it took an eternity for the triplets to age up but when they did I was SO relieved. They cried so much! I used the new door locks to keep the kids out but eventually I had to limit it to just Kaori and Malik because everyone kept walking into each other.

They aged up backwards for some reason but here are their lovely traits:

  • Daichi: lazy
  • Eiji: mean
  • Fugi: slob

So that’s nice…

Now that we had seven kids(!) in the house they decided to head out to explore the neighborhood because they’ve been sort of secluded so far in their lives. They know what a lack of socialization can do for a sim. They heard that uncle Tatsuya was having a hard time on the dating show he’s on right now. The kids aren’t allowed to watch but aunt Aya told them he was feeling awkward (I imagine, haha). Chiyo decided she would watch when she became a teenager (she couldn’t wait).

Anyway, on their excursion outside they ran into a new face in the neighborhood.

07-09-15_10-41 PMSuddenly surrounded by children, the smiling man introduced himself as Elder Wolff and that he was from “another hard drive”.

Even though he didn’t know what on earth he was talking about, Daichi seemed excited to hear this. Wow! First day out of the house and they already met someone from outside the family!

07-09-15_10-41 PM-2Elder immediately took a flier out of his back pocket and showed the group.

Daichi stepped back to let Chiyo, the oldest, take a look. She said the name “Free-Jon” and “Wolff Tea” sounded familiar to her. Elder told them that Free Jon was his son and he didn’t know where he had gone.

07-09-15_10-44 PMDaichi considered this for a moment, eyes narrowing, and looked suspiciously at Elder.

07-09-15_10-42 PMDaichi: …

07-09-15_10-43 PMElder: …?

07-09-15_10-43 PM-3Daichi suddenly turned to his brother, Eiji, gave him a strange look, and started towards the River. Eiji glared at Elder (he is mean, you know) and followed his brother.

Eiji: We might have seen something! Come over here!

Elder followed, smiling (because he’s a nice guy), and looked around the area.

Out of nowhere, Eiji started shouting at Elder!

Eiji: Gotcha! You’re not here to find your son! You’re here to take away our Aunt Aya!

07-09-15_10-48 PMElder: Whoooa, wait, what?!
07-09-15_10-48 PM-2Eiji: You heard me! You took our aunt Aya somehow and now you’re taking my sister, Chiyo! I don’t understand how you’re doing it but I don’t trust you!
07-09-15_10-48 PM-3At that, Elder smiled a huge grin and clapped his hands.

Elder: No waaaay! Aya’s here?! Thanks, boys!

He turned to run back to the sidewalk leaving them puzzled.

07-09-15_10-49 PMDaichi didn’t understand what Elder was so happy about. Eiji had just yelled at him! He managed to catch up and stop him.

Daichi: Wait! So… you don’t know who we are? You’re really looking for those kids?

07-09-15_10-49 PM-2As Eiji joined them and Elder explained things a bit more.

Elder: They were at our Animal Hat Summer Camp-

07-09-15_10-51 PM-3Daichi: Where Chiyo is going??

07-09-15_10-50 PM-3Elder: Yes, but this wasn’t something we expected. Chiyo will be fine and she’ll have a lot of fun! 07-09-15_10-50 PMThe boys still weren’t sure about this but Eiji had an idea.

Eiji: What if you came over to our house tomorrow to talk to aunt Aya?

07-09-15_10-50 PM-6Daichi: Yeah! Then we’ll know this is legit!

07-09-15_10-50 PM-12Elder: That would be amazing! I’ll see you then!

07-09-15_10-50 PM-10The kids went home and told Aya all about their encounter with Elder. She was eager to see her friend again and went to sleep so she would be well rested and happy the next morning…

The next morning, the kids had school (since it was Monday) and they left Aya to wait excitedly for her old friend to arrive. Right at 8 o’clock, Elder managed to find the big house by the lake and went up to knock on the door.

Aya was so happy to see him!

Aya: Elder! Oh my gosh, you’re so young! I can’t believe you’re here!

Elder: Same here! Who knew I’d end up on your family’s hard drive?

07-11-15_12-22 AM-2Aya: Can you believe how old I am? I’ve seen so much but I didn’t want to leave when I was so close to seeing our family reach ten generations…

07-11-15_12-20 AMElder: Don’t be sad! You look amazing! I’m so happy you’re still around and that I got to see this version of you.

07-11-15_12-21 AM-3

Elder: Cheer up!

Aya: You’re right. Come on and tell me about Free Jon and his friends!

07-11-15_12-22 AMThe pair moved to the back porch and Elder brought her up to speed on his search for Free, Emelia, and Amina.

Elder: I’m trying to think of where to try next. I’ve been all over the place!

07-11-15_12-30 AM-3Aya: You know as well as I do that they’re safe. They’re smart kids! Ah, now I miss Free Jon… I was hoping Chiyo would get to meet him when she went to camp.

Elder: I’m sure they’ll meet some day. Maybe your watcher can set something up in the future.

Aya: You’re right. There’s always a way!

07-11-15_12-30 AM-4They talked and joked for hours but eventually Elder had to get back to his mission.

Elder: Aya, I’ll see you back in the Hippie House!

Aya: You bet! Give everyone hugs for me!

07-11-15_12-32 AM

I hope you enjoyed this different sort of update from me! I hope to do more of this with my next story and be a little more creative. I would do it more often but I don’t want to mix things up TOO much. 😛


Activity table bowl! Art and breakfast together as one!

06-30-15_12-10 AM


  1. Oh, my goodness! This is so touching to me! I think maybe I’ve figured out also why ShannonSimsFan’s post was so very touching–it’s seeing Elder with his roomies when they’re elders! It just gets me emotionally. And to see how loving they were with each other! Megg… this was beautiful!

    And Chiyo is having so much fun! I expect an update tomorrow (or maybe tonight). I have a busy teaching schedule at the moment, so updates have slowed a little bit–but that just means we get to enjoy having Chiyo at camp longer!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yay! I worked extra hard on this post so it would be perfect so I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 The Ikeda family is slowly becoming more Game Aware but I don’t think I’m going to have it be a family-wide thing. Some are going to “believe” and others won’t, hehe. She’ll be a teenager the next time I play so I’m going to have her talk about being in two places at once. 😛

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Major like! So good to read up on the latest with this great legacy, including the search for Free-Jon and his friends as well as Tatsuya’s participation in Love Shot! Hoo boy those triplets are a handful! Then again, I’ve recently learnt that it’s all a matter of perspective when it comes to less than desirable traits! 😉 (easier said than done though, seeing as you have your hands full with this household!)

    Liked by 2 people

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