Update Coming Today!

With luck I should have a new update today! cheer

IF NOT (which is possible) there will be one tomorrow. 😀

That is all.


    1. I mean, I took a lot of screen shots and I don’t know what to do with them SOOO…

      I think my problem is I’m thinking of what to do with my 10th gen heir and then what to do with his siblings. I have some ideas but they’re too grand for me. 😛

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        1. I know that whichever boy becomes heir will do the Build Newcrest challenge.

          Then I was just thinking it would be fun to take one of the girls and do the Amazon Challenge and try to make it different somehow (I would even use their first names as the matriarch name – I’m still thinking about it!)

          I also have to do my ISBI and wonder child (both are just like UGH, haha!)


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