Chapter 63: Nooboos out the Wazooboo

Kaori ages up, we visit the hospital, and we learn mods are dangerous.

At last it was time for Kaori to age up! With my gender switching of heirs, I was excited to see what trait she rolled and she did not disappoint. GENIUS, just like her pops! They even posed the same way. It was adorable.

She’s a dedicated little girl and always does her homework.

Side note, Maddox, you might need to lose some pounds – we don’t want you getting sick or anything!
Shortly after her birthday, Kaori met one of her triplet cousins, Henry. They live in a cute little house nearby. For some reason she couldn’t find her other two cousins but they were still around somewhere, don’t worry.

Shortcut: here’s their cute little family:

L to R: Bailey, Natsuki, Caleb, Henry, and Derek

Back at home, it was time for baby number three!

As this was the first baby since installing GTW, I decided to check out the hospital! (AN: “check out” as a patient, I mean. I made another sim to play around with the new career – her name is Nurse Cecelia Cooke and she’s adorable. That’s another story…)

I thought it was very considerate of Sonia to come to the hospital already in her hospital gown…

I directed her to head to the birthing room…

She spoke to her lovely and weird doctor…

Aaaaand nothing was happening. WHY?

OH, I needed to check in. How foolish. Well, no time was wasted at the hospital. All two hours of labor were occupied.

Mamo played his part perfectly, thank you.

They had another little boy! His name is Yoshiro (Yoshi!)

Fast forward some and he aged into a little cutie! His face is a little different than Sora’s so I appreciated that. He gained the active trait and rambunctious scamp. Perfect!

Naturally, Sonia got pregnant right away again (poor gal!!) She had another little girl! They named her Asami.

As a final little note, it looks like we’ll add baby number five to Gen 9. THIS HOUSEHOLD MOD IS DANGEROUS FOR ME, I TELL ‘YA…

I’ll end with a nice little shot of the family as they currently stand. You might not recognize Aya with her gray hair and new haircut. She looks a lot different now but she’s VERY old so I thought the change would be good. She still looks amazing; I wouldn’t complain if I were her!

*trumpet noises*

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