Chapter 62: Day by Day

The kitchen gets a remodel, we fence in the ghosts, and Masumi grows up.

Mamo’s job as a rocket technician was exhausting work, as you can see. Tired of work and tired of diapers, Mamo went to help age up his first born.

Tada! A blondie like his mum. Sora rolled slob. It could have been worse! His aspiration was artistic prodigy.

We can work with that.

I didn’t get a picture (what?!) but Mamo and Sonia had their second baby, a girl named Kaori. They celebrated as they usually do…

Build break! I had the idea to remodel a little bit more so I decided that the kitchen was lacking something. They had SO MUCH wall space before. Now, however, they have a ton of storage! Yay!

Before I placed the no autonomous mourning back into my game I had had ENOUGH OF THE MOURNING. I took drastic measures to squash the urge to mourn.


A funny reaction, though, was that the ghosts wouldn’t move from their spots when they appeared that night. Nothing too weird – they eventually moved outside of their box but I thought it was funny.

/end build break/

Ah, Masumi! Welcome back to the picture! It’s all been about Mamo and the babies, hasn’t it? Well, it’s your turn now. Sort of.

She’s been getting along just fine…
Her teen years were behind her and she aged into a young adult – congrats!
For some reason, life appeared to slow down after she aged up. I didn’t change the aging or anything but there was suddenly SO MUCH TIME. Maddox and Sora even decided to go fishing together. It was pretty darn cute.
(AN: OH, I KNOW WHY. I used youth potions on both Maddox and Nade. That makes sense. Carry on.) 
Back to Masumi. She had been courting this one guy, Taylor. They dated for AGES. Finally, they got married and moved out. Now they’re expecting. As of the time of this posting, no new nooboo. I’m crossing my fingers for more multiples!

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