Chapter 61: Rocketship Romance

Gen 8 silently takes over, Mamoru crashes his rocket, and Nade doesn’t wear pants.

Mamo wasted no time in wooing his sweetheart, Sonia. I really like her. She’s super cute and I can’t resist Sims with curly hair. Neither can Mamo.

They put that observatory to good use, of course…

…and he decided to make things official. They eloped right there on the spot.

I had to move some people around so Lea decided to move in with some distant relatives in town. I think Maddox’s sister’s husband and son? Yea, that sounds about right.

However, Sonia came by before that was all settled and had a big surprise for Mamo. Nooboo! She moved in after that, naturally.

Her traits are mean, foodie, and bookworm and her aspiration is the artist track.

I noticed something funny while looking in her relationship panel. She has a dark red relationship with Bailey, Nat’s new husband! They REALLY dislike each other. They aren’t enemies but they’re as close to enemies as you can get. They did live in the same house growing up so I’m not entirely surprised. It certainly doesn’t help that Sonia has the mean trait.

Anyway, Sonia set to work on helping Mamo with his rocket. Everyone thought he was crazy but not Sonia; they made a good team.

Finally, after many hours working on that thing it was done! You can see Mamo’s fist pump of delight!

For some reason, he thought the best time to take off into space was while his wife was heavily pregnant. Sure, no problem.

Hope you don’t crash, buddy!

Sonia made sure to keep up with him on their video cam. Things were going pretty well until…

…AH, NO!

Thankfully, he was unscathed.


Shortly after his crash landing, the couple had their first child – Sora! Welcome, Gen 9!


Naturally, to celebrate, the couple decided to try space woohoo (no crash landing this time, thank goodness).

And, oh, look at that – another nooboo!

I’m not gonna lie, Mamo and Sonia are baby making machines. I decided this was going to be another full house generation.

(Don’t tell the score keepers, but I downloaded that mod that lets you have more than eight people in a household. I really did it so I could put a ton of kids and teens into an orphanage nearby but I’ve gotten carried away with keeping my elders around… Back to the present…)

I did worry a little about choosing to have a ton of kids, however, when Sonia painted three social bunnies in a row.

She’s fine, I swear…

You know who else is fine? Natsuki! Yay, cousin incoming!

Nade was pretty happy about this news, too (she needs to put some pants on, though – she has company!)

Let me tell you a secret about Natsuki: she had TRIPLETS. Three boys: Caleb, Derek, and Henry. All blonde like their father.

Thankfully, with the birth of Nat’s triplets, Maddox’s aspiration goal to have four grandkids was complete. THAT was easy! Now he’s considered the patriarch and everyone gets a skill boost. Thanks, bud!

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