ISBI: Ben’s New Nemesis

We briefly resume the challenge and Eva has her second child, Edward; Ben is not amused.

Oh… what’s this? I haven’t played this save since November?

Oh stop! Don’t look at me that way, Eva! I’ve never stopped thinking about you guys! Your story sat on my blog so patiently, just waiting for me to decide to tell the rest of your story.

Oh, you’re mad because you’ve been pregnant for three months, is that it?

Ha! You can’t fool me! These screenshots were on my hard drive already, so there!

…Well, fine. I’ll try and remember why you look cross in all my photos. Although, that shouldn’t be hard; you live in a house full of men who rarely clean up after themselves. Sucks.

Anyway, you don’t look too unhappy here. That’s good news.

You two are too darned cute!

Bray, you’re such a good dad. Even when you’re exhausted from work you still find time to bond with Ben.

…even when you’re sleeping.

It looks like Ben has decided to take control of some of the messes of the house. Your mom appreciates it, you know. Especially since she’s gone off to the hospital to have her baby on her own (thanks, Bray).

What’s a kid to do? Read a book, of course!

And then another book. Wait, or play with his toys… What do you mean he can’t do both?!

He chose the toy…but poked himself in the eye. Cool.
Ben went to sleep after that and had a fairly restful night’s sleep (you’ll see he has a bed now!).
When he woke up, however, he was a just a bit perturbed…
Someone was in his ROOM. Eva had brought home his new sibling. Ben tried to take his frustration out on his ball of clay (seriously, he smashed that thing up!) and hoped that Eva would notice.

She did, bless her. She took to doting on her first born baby and he responded in the way most young boys might: resisting.


She took the time to reassure him that he was still very important to her and to Bray. She also told him he’d probably learn to love his new brother, Edward.



…Maybe having a little brother wouldn’t be too bad. In the mean time he would pretty much still be on his own. He still had time to watch his favorite show, Bee Kid, and time to play with his superheros.

Now that the couple has their second child, they are no longer obligated to have any more. But do they want them? Maybe. We’ll have to see what they decide.

For now, Ben and little Edward are plenty. They’re good kids! They never cause any trouble…

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