Chapter 52: Tachi Takes His Leave

Tachi contemplates his life and the near future.

Tachi’s been rather quiet lately. I think watching his children grow up has been a challenging experience for him. Nade’s married, Kyo and Kin both have girlfriends, and Ren just grew into a teenager.

I think he recognized that his time in the house would be ending soon. He spent a lot more time talking to Nade about random things.

“PLUMBING. Make sure you know how to fix the toilets. They’re a real pain in the plumb! *chortle*”
“Oh, OH! And gardening! I need to show you a few things so you can finally make our garden just perfect. It’ll get there Nade, you wait. Just a few more weeks, I bet…”

Nade had some good news for Tachi, too.

“You’re going to be a grandpa!”

Tachi was very pleased with the news but he had some things on his mind… lots of things to process…

Top of his list was being a ghost. He tried to learn about the next life stage from Rei but she sort of shrugged.

“It’s peaceful, I guess. I don’t have any responsibilities really. Sometimes I leave paintings up in the studio.”

Ryu appeared next and he and Tachi didn’t seem to get along.

Tachi! He’s your grandfather!
He didn’t gain a lot of insight from Ryu and now they’re enemies, so… Great.
The next morning I remembered that he had FINALLY collected a cutting from the blackberry bush so I sent him out to splice that baby together. He finished and stepped aside.

NO! Not yet! He’s about to become a grandpa!!!

Dani hasn’t been taking this well…

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