ISBI: Fast Friends

Edward ages up and the two brothers become fast friends.

Waaaait for it…

TADA! Edward had his birthday! He inherited his dad’s hair color (and also his fashion sense – rain boots and a sweater vest?!). He rolled the trait.

Now we’re going to need another bed. The family still doesn’t make that much money so this is going to be a stretch for them, I can tell.

Ben seemed pleased that his little brother was now old enough to play with him. Once Eva left them alone for a while, they quickly caught up and became friends.

It looks like the family was able to scrape enough money together to afford a second bed. Phew. I thought Eva would be stuck on couch duty for a few days.

It’s been really nice to see the boys interact with each other. They’re so naturally friendly that I’ve forgotten that I wasn’t controlling them when I took these shots.

See, good friends already!

Bonding over figure skating…
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