Chapter 51: The Twins Romance the Town

Kyo and Kin cruise the town, Ren ages up, and there’s a dance party.

Welcome back! Kyo was a little disappointed that Hillary hadn’t called him back. They were doing really well, too.

As it turns out, Kyo met a young lady outside the club named Lillian. She was polite to him even though he was really untidy… By some magic, Kyo got her number and they parted ways for the evening.

Kin, on the other hand, invited his (still) teen friend, Roxanne, out with them. She wasn’t too interested in him at first…

Are you sure you like this girl, buddy? DUCK LIPS.

…But she warmed up to him pretty quickly after that.

After a long night (and morning!) of dancing for all, Kin invited Roxanne back to their place for breakfast. She must have taken his suggestion the wrong way because she did NOT react the way Kin would have preferred.

After being chewed out, he explained that his intentions were, in fact, innocent and they were both embarrassed for their awkward moment. She decided to go back with them after all (since it was still a pretty large group).

Back at the house it was time to celebrate some birthdays and move the family along.

Little Ren was first on the docket…


Roxanne had confided that her birthday was coming up pretty soon so Ren graciously invited her to share his birthday cake. Welcome to young adulthood, Roxanne! (I hope you know what you’re getting into…)

I suppose they thought cake wasn’t a suitable meal for breakfast so yogurt seemed to fill the void.

After breakfast, the three older siblings decided to have a random dance off (Kyo won, in case you were wondering).

They’re a little awkward. Shame.
Things seem to be falling in place for Gen 7. I think the twins might be ready to move out on their own soon. But first some things need to happen…

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