Chapter 49: Maddox!

Nade gets her flirt on, the twins age up, and we people watch.

Nade and Maddox talked all night and she went home early the next morning, chock full of coffee and all smiles. She knew her brothers were ready to age up and she wanted to help them out so they wouldn’t be sad again. Chocolate cake it is!

They celebrated before the boys’ last day of school to get an early start on the weekend.

Kyo aged up and finished with the traits active, foodie, and childish.

(I really don’t like his shirt!)

Kin’s traits ended up suiting him incrediblyย well: loner, foodie, and genius. I’m so happy he rolled genius. It’s the perfect trait for my little Nerd Brain.

Ren went off to school shortly after and the house was full of adults. I saw someone jogging outside the house so I went to check and, behold! Tachi’s brother Hiro is an elder now! I don’t know why that surprised me but here we are. ๐Ÿ˜›

Immediately after, I saw Aya again, also jogging. She must have been visiting again from the hippie house. She’s still beautiful as ever!

That was a nice little interlude. Now, back to Nade and her love life…

Nade invited Maddox over for some snuggling. Awww, I think he’s a cutie!

And so considerate, too…

Look at him, puttin’ on the charm bomb…

I’ll leave them alone, I think…

The next morning Maddox went for a swim in the pool while Nade made a nice breakfast. She had a lot of time to think about her life and what her goal was as a Legacy heir. She and Maddox hadn’t known each other for very long but they really seemed to get along really well. She called Maddox in from the pool…
Listen, we’re not fancy in this legacy. A proposal in your PJs and swim trunks is how we roll!
(he said yes, if you were wondering)

I think you’ve made the right choice, Nade…



Feel the bed… BE the bed…


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