Chapter 48: Try, Try, Try Again…

Nade’s beau skips town and she scrounges for a new one.

The next day Nade was feeling pretty good about life. She had some breakfast, cleaned up around the house a little, and pulled out her phone to call up Landon for lunch.

Landon’s phone rang and rang… Where was he?


He had skipped town! I thought these days were behind us! I even have the mod!


Well, Nade, back to the drawing board…

She left to visit some new neighbors. She knew a bunch of recent graduates were living in a huge house nearby (how they could afford it, she didn’t know…)

Here are the next victims candidates:


I’m not sold on Luke and Laurence but I’m really diggin’ Jared or Estevan already, which is convenient because Estevan came over that afternoon.

Nade put the moves on him (he didn’t mind) but he had “places to be” and left shortly after. She did learn that two of his traits were bro and creative. After his visit, I gifted her the observant trait so she could know their traits right off the bat (even though it’s kind of fun to find out as you go along).

Jared came over a little later and I noticed that he had a booming bass voice. That gave him points in my book! They flirted a little but he scuttled off like Estevan. Nade wasn’t feeling like being more social so she called it a night.

The next day she woke up to Estevan knocking at their door. They tried talking a little but their conversation became boring and she nearly fell asleep…

She decided to visit another household over in Oasis Springs. Walking up to the house, I peeked in to see everyone hanging out in one spot. Whoa!

They invited her in and, even though there was a tv right in front of them, they were all reading. Nade really liked that (and I did, too).

She was about to introduce herself to everyone in the room when we received an orange pop up…


They sprung to action and quickly put out the scorched woman. She looked so cross that I couldn’t resist sharing the next picture… 🙂

Mooooving on… Here are some more prospects for Miss Nadeshiko.

active, hot headed, bro
Jonah (in green) and Rolan (in orange)
clumsy, goofball, outgoing  &  self-assured, snob, materialistic
cheerful, family oriented, foodie

This group and their personalities seem a little more promising than the last group she met. They’re all nice looking and have great personalities (well, almost all of them do).

I let them talk and was pleased to see that she gravitated most towards Maddox.

The rest is for another day…


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