Chapter 47: Nade Goes to Town

Nade starts to feel the pressure of society to find a mate so she heads to the museum to “browse the art”.

With Tachi aging into an elder, Nade figured that perhaps she needed to push herself along. The generations were starting sooner and sooner, she thought, and maybe she was a little behind… There, there, Nade. No reason to rush things. You can meet people at your own pace.

As it was the middle of the day, she went to the museum. As the screen was loading, I had to answer the phone, so when I came back she was talking to a few people already. Good girl, Nade!

She met three people during my absence: Roxanne, the redhead Kin was not-so-secretly trying to woo the night before, Carolina, a blonde teen that already had a sliver of red from an awkward conversation start (wow, Nade), and Ben, a young adult with light brown hair a bit on the long side. I directed them to sit so they could chat more comfortably.

Ben left the conversation to head upstairs and look at some art so Nade followed so she could tell him some more about her cooking skills. She caught him at the top of the stairs and told a joke and found out that he was childish. That’s a fun trait! He left her again and walked around to the other side of the room to talk to someone else.

From Nade’s reaction I had a better idea of why Carolina’s bar was red. Maybe she was flirting with Ben! Nade took it as a sign and dropped the idea of talking to him for a while. I saw a new face pop up and went to see who it was she was planning to “chat” with.

Her bubble said “chat” but it really was a “rude introduction”…

It looks like she was mocking him! Probably because of that ridiculous beard and silly shirt… After their not so special introduction, they talked normally and got on a little better. She learned that his name was Landon and that he was a goofball.

Nade invited them both over to talk where there was less art (art room??) and other people (there are more people at the house than the museum??) to distract them (what was I thinking???).

The more they talked the more I sort of began rooting for Landon. Ben made it a little easier by going inside and borrowing one of Ren’s toys. She also learned his second trait: good. That’s nice but…

Nade is so judging you right now.
Here’s a good look at both the guys.
Ben Alfaro
Landon McCaig
I’m a sucker for Landon already… They went swimming and afterwards Landon stayed for dinner.
I was pretty hopeful that they had something special. So what if he was already an adult? It worked for Michiru and Adriel, didn’t it?

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