Chapter 46: Birthdays All Around!

Nade starts to think about her life as the future heir, the twins plot havoc, and Tachi gets gray.

I noticed that Nadeshiko’s age bar was sparkling and panicked. It was 10 PM their time and I thought, maybe she’d make it! She started making a cake and conversed with her younger brother, Kyo, who was eating a late dinner. However, she stopped her baking right after mixing and aged into a young adult. (Fail, Megan.)

With this expression, Nade looks a lot like her grandma did as a child (Michiru, in case you’ve already forgotten) but she also has Dani’s features. Dani really added some pretty genes to the family.

I really enjoyed watching the siblings chat and they had some fun expressions while talking about food (as it should be with a family of foodies).

(I promise that I know how to make actual GIFS but the website I’ve been using is 500 times easier)
I’m really liking keeping the heirs at home while their spouse works so whomever Nade picks will get put to work! (She doesn’t yet have a special someone, FYI…) However, she still has to keep up the house. I had her start to work on her handiness so she can help Tachi upgrade all the plumbing.

Elsewhere in the family, Dani has been autonomously working out a lot and actually has been since she moved into the house. All that running on the treadmill has benefited her and she maxed out her fitness skill!

Now for that baby… Ren aged up! He sort of grew up invisible (???) so I had to exit the house for a minute and then come back in. He was there when I came back and he was adorable. Sim children with glasses are so cute.

CathyTea commented on the twins shenanigans on the thread and I wanted to update y’all on their next plot… Kyo seemed to be the instigator this time around with both pranks popping up under his name even though Kin planned one of them.

Their attempt to overthrow the jocks failed miserably…

However, in the same day they successfully executed the Bacon Wrapped prank.

I added a ton of #LegacyLoves to the neighborhoods that included a lot of teens and children. Ren needed to play on the jungle gym for his rambunctious scamp aspiration so he met a bunch of children while he was out. Kin joined him at the park and started up a conversation with a cute red head. They brought her home (along with cousins, Marcelo and Alexa) and hung out together for a while.
Her name is Roxanne and she was pretty interested in her phone, as you can see…

(At this point in the entry, I want to apologize for the lack of a narrative and all the jumping around. I just wanted to play and not document so this is what I have to show for it. :/ So…back to the family!)

Tachi’s garden is evolving well. He still needs to get the blackberry bush but otherwise I’m pretty sure he has all the normal plants. Hooray!

As he was harvesting produce, I remembered that he was close to aging up and checked on his bar. SPARKLING! Nade wasn’t busy at the time so she made him a chocolate cake and Tachi invited over his friends. Ren invited over his little friends from the park, too.

They asked Aya to play for the party and she was happy to come home for the weekend for her big brother’s birthday party. She was so focused that she didn’t share much about her time away but she seemed really happy and peaceful. The hippie life must be treating her well!

It seems that we invited a few too many people because I experienced my first real lag. It was a challenge to get people into the kitchen and then frame all the shots from the party. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like large parties…

And with a blow of the candles, Tachi aged into a silver-haired babe.

Tachi wasn’t quite feeling his new hair but otherwise he was pretty healthy looking.

Dani tried to help him understand that she hardly noticed his change of hairstyle and that he was the same guy she married.


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