Chapter 35: Family Update

Hiro starts a kitchen fire, Aya turns into a cute kid, and the family puts in a pool.

Hey all, I’m back! The real world was just too distracting this week for me to play Sims. However, I am DETERMINED to finish this Legacy! I’ve come too far to give it up.
Anyway, I’ve had this in drafts with just pictures since November 8th. Yikes. I hope I can do this chapter justice. I think I almost remember everyone’s names (only one in this post escapes me currently) but I’ll check before posting (unless I don’t 😛).
Baby Aya is a cutie, as you can see. The custom content I got for her is just adorable. Depending on skin tone, I think, the babies have different onesies. (Off topic, I just realized I have to catch up on my mods since I haven’t checked in a week. Awful… Just checked and I have 7 pages to go through, alriiiight! Update: After several hours away from the computer they’re all installed and just need to be put in their proper folders. That’s the next step!)

Hiro is remembering his late father by starting a fire in the kitchen. Thanks, bud!

Tachi seems amused by his brother’s misfortune. I’m not! The insurance money to replace the counter and stove was only a third of what they cost! Rude!
(Alright, I cheated with this screen grab. I had one of Hiro’s pose and one of Tachi’s pose and photoshopped them together because it was a better shot. So sue me.)

Time for Aya to age up! Looks like this family is going with dark hair this generation. (I was also pretty lazy for a while and didn’t want to change her outfit so I let her run around in overalls for a long time. Update: I just loaded up the game and she’s still wearing them. Oops.)

This next one is funny because Rei came to visit and stuck around for breakfast. Hiro sat right where she was. What?!

After school, Tachi took a nap in his mother’s room for some reason (I wasn’t paying attention). Later, he surprised me by leaping out of bed and aging into a young adult. Way to be, Tachi.

Adriel’s ghost came for a visit that evening shortly after Tachi’s birthay. He’s still handsome even after an elderly demise. Also, can I mention how fit Tachi is looking? For being lazy he still works out all the time!

Hiro was less excited to see his dad. I guess some sims just don’t care for seeing ghosts all over the place.

Here was something funny I noticed: I never paid attention but sims have streams of pee!

I missed getting him “in action” so this was just as funny. 😛

All things considered, the family seems to have recovered from Adriel’s death pretty well. They’re enjoying their new deck and still tending that damn garden. It really does help them with the bills.

They’re a cute little family. Michiru has her hands full, though…

I am grateful for the pools. However, I still think everyone overreacted to not having them. I’m still holding out for toddlers some day but I’ll live without them for now. 🙂

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