Chapter 34: Adriel’s Last Days

Michiru surprises Adriel with a new baby and Adriel says goodbye.

Ah, the final days notice. Adriel had a pretty wonderful life and raised two great young men. I’d say that’s a win in life. He also did well with keeping up the house as a stay at home dad. He’s allowed to have cake for breakfast.

Hiro and Tachi have been staying up all night lately helping around the house. The garden is getting annoying again. Hiro (now a cutie teen!) decided that he needed a coffee boost so he gladly took a break to sit with his dad outside.

Oh right, the surprise from the wedding last update… Ta da! Michiru is pregnant! That was her surprise for Adriel following her aging into a full blooded adult. So what if their other children are teenagers already and Tachi is going to age up soon. Big deal. Michiru is still quite young and can handle it. Adriel, on the other hand, isn’t so sure.

In other news, Michiru is becoming quite the amazing painter. She’s almost up to level ten. The requirements are getting harder, though, and I keep checking my watch to see how much time she’s got left (lots, so don’t worry).

Leaving the walls blank in this house was a good idea, too. There are so many paintings that things are getting a bit crowded.

Michiru gave birth in the early hours of that morning to a little girl. They named her Aya. Adriel was very pleased that he was still around but for how much longer? I promise that he got to hold, feed, and play with his daughter. He did a lot of the work and I just missed getting pictures.

After school the next day Hiro wanted to have an impromptu dance break. Alright! Raise the roof, Adriel!

Oh, oh no.

Grimmy didn’t spare our dear Adriel this time. Everyone was pretty upset about it.

Even Tachi in the other room was upset (bless you, modders).
Following the sadness the family added on a pool to their deck but, in my foolishness, I forgot to take a screen shot. It’s nothing special but, fun fact: you can swim sadly, as Michiru showed me, Wonderful.

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