Chapter 36: Titles are Hard

Tachi’s conflicted and Michiru misses her husband.

I had almost forgotten that Tachi had a less than desirable aspiration: serial romancer. He needed to get to work. He had done half of the first tier but was stuck on the dates and breakups. As a teen, he asked Annabeth to be his girlfriend and then broke up with her the next day. She didn’t like that. Then he asked Dani to be his girlfriend and she said yes but something about her made him not want to break up with her. He had other ideas now that they were young adults…

He called Dani over and they got to talking. Despite still carrying the labels of boyfriend/girlfriend, they never really hung out much. He blames his father’s death (typical).

She’s still not so sure about him but is intrigued.

Oh well, there’s still something there from when they were teens. He thought about breaking up with her right then but decided against it. There’s just something about her…

Moving right along, Tachi seemed to be in a good mood after she left. He really wasn’t looking forward to breaking up with her for his aspiration. He’s going to have to think about the next step he’s going to take. Maybe there’s another way…

Michiru, on the other hand, was still feeling a bit down from missing Adriel so she went to visit resident ghost bartender, Takeo, her great grandfather.

Michiru hadn’t met Takeo before this. He seemed happy to meet his descendant. He made a pretty looking drink for her.

Down the hatch! Hopefully he was able to give her some advice.

PS: If you check out my spouse and heirs page you’ll see spoilers and the same goes for their family tree. Don’t go a peekin!

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