Chapter 33: Wedding Bells!

Adriel finally pops the question and the couple marries.

Michiru and Adriel have always been a happy couple, despite Adriel’s evil trait. Sometimes he yells at her (and I try to cancel it) but they’ve always had high romance. I wanted them to be better friends. The two got to talking and talking and soon Adriel realized a promise they had made years ago…

Adriel dressed in his smartest suit, went down on one knee and popped the question!

I don’t know what I would have done if she had said no. It would have been a disaster.

They moved on to more entertaining activities after this,,,

Michiru really wanted to look her best for the wedding so she drank an insta-lean potion rather than try and slim down the old fashioned way. It made her REALLY skinny so I had her indulge in gourmet cooking and cake over the next few days. Of course, she also took to having a lovely bath after work because, darn it, she deserved it!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention she also got promoted again! She’s now an art critic. Adriel, too, has moved up to his second level in his job and also maxed out the programming skill. Congrats to both!
Now, we have a wedding to attend! I’m too lazy for chairs so I had the guests stand. I get nervous from the Sims 3 days where no one would sit and then the wedding failed because no one could get anywhere. So. Slow. This is much better.
They invited as many people as Michiru knew and a few extras even showed up.

Both looked lovely, of course! I picked out a different dress for her (the same one in lilac) but she defaulted to white. Oh well!

Fun fact: the following picture is take over the shoulder of their two boys (Hiro aged into a teen! More on that next time…)

Cake time! Michiru made it before the ceremony as hired cooks can’t be trusted.

Following the service Elisabeth played piano for the guests and many took naps or drank at the bar.
Michiru also had a nice little secret she told Adriel. You can probably guess what it is from his expression…

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