Chapter 32: Tachi Looks for Love

Tachi acts like a teenage boy and seduces the town.

Tachi as a teen is interesting. He often wants to rest so having him do any sort of work makes him upset. Gardening? Upset. Cleaning the toilet? Upset. Working out? VERY upset. I guess it’s nice that he reacts like a teenager might.
Adriel is taking having a teenage son seriously. He set the boy down for a game of chess and decided to explain WooHoo. Both were embarrassed but they soon laughed it off. Adriel knows what boys are like. He doesn’t want the next generation to start so very soon. (He doesn’t need to worry because I don’t have that mod yet.)

I think this happened early in the morning because Spencer appeared. Those new beds work really well so everyone gets up at strange hours of the morning. Adriel and Spencer decided to play a game of chess so Tachi could get going on his homework. He needs to get his grades going and aim for that high school A!

The next morning Michiru was off work so she made lunch for her boys. You know, she STILL isn’t an adult yet. She’s such a young thing. Looks like we’ll have another Maggie on our hands. I hope Adriel sticks around for a while longer…

Salad so she can keep her boys healthy!

Later that evening, she sent her men out to work in the garden with her. Tachi was NOT enjoying it.

He excused himself and went inside to avoid any actual work. He seemed frustrated with something.

Despite the late hour, he decided to take a trip to visit a household of teens in the next town over. They had three young ladies there and he decided to get to work on his serial romancer aspiration…

Dani and Audrey were the first two ladies he met. As he’s still so young he’s not looking for spousal material yet. I am, of course, but he doesn’t need to know that. Dani looked fun loving. Audrey became more animated as time went on. If I had to choose now,  I think I’d have him pursue Dani (dark hair).

The other young lady in the house was Annabeth. She seemed like she would be a good fit for their family but she was a young adult. (Of course, my teen/YA mod makes that obsolete but she wouldn’t become the legacy spouse because she’s a lot older.) Tachi tried to talk to all the girls but Annabeth was too engrossed in her video game. Still, he managed to have a conversation with her later.

Despite looking similar, that young man is NOT an Ikeda, ha!
The next day was a Saturday and Tachi slept in. Typical. He woke up when he received a phone call. It was Annabeth and she wanted to come over. He took this as a sign and quickly got dressed to meet her. He was very charming. After a day of hanging out together, they shared their first kiss and messed around a little. Maybe Adriel shouldn’t have told him about WooHoo…
The next day was Sunday and Tachi got ANOTHER phone call. This time it was Dani. He again put the moves on her. His aspiration calls for 10 successful kisses and 2 dates. He was well on his way to completing the kiss part…

He got a lot of kisses out of her and they ended up messing around as well. Tachi, these girls live in the same house! You’re awful!!!

He still hadn’t had Aubrey over yet so she was on his list. Hopefully he’ll take her on a date, first…

The day after was Michiru’s birthday and she finally aged into an adult. Hooray!

Her aging had me remember that I should check where their relationships were. I didn’t get very far because I remembered that she and Adriel were still only boyfriend and girlfriend!

Remember that big wedding I wanted? Stay tuned…


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