Chapter 25: Michiru & the Half-Way Point

Ryu visits, Maggie is amazing, and gen 5 takes the reins.

Gen 5 has taken over!

I checked in on Haru and his family before booting up tonight. His wife’s name is Felicia and they had a daughter named Skyler. Sakura married Avery and I don’t know if they are expecting a baby yet or not? Yes, they were because Maggie’s aspiration popped up and she has 2 grandchildren out of the desired 4.  SO, they had a daughter named Juliana. Maggie’s younger sister, Melisa, married, too. His name is Roy. Here are the families as they appear in my manage households screen. There are a lot more but I don’t feel like sharing.

Also, has Kaida aged at all? Her kids are teens now but she still looks like a young adult. What’s your secret?

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

Michiru is still a teenager and will be for four more days. Cool. She’s already an A student so that’s exciting! I really don’t feel like working on her public enemy aspiration so I think I’ll focus on her career. I mean, there also isn’t anything keeping me from changing it since I don’t follow the rules half the time anyway. We’ll see. I did change it but that’s for another chapter…

Not too much time had passed since Ryu’s passing and Maggie still had a full batch of sadness. Michiru was sad, too, but more because she was super lonely.

So gloomy. At least she’s abandoned her weird style…
Maggie is still doing her own thing. She’s doing well with all her skills and she’s becoming quite the chef. Her garden is also looking fantastic now that’s she’s skilled enough to revive and such. The whole garden is almost perfect. I’ll have pics in a future update. It’s looking very cool.
Yuki (or is that Toya? No, it’s Yuki) has really gotten into his shows lately. Simton Abbey is an unlikely favorite. He’s also been working out a lot. I think it’s the active trait showing through.
Aha! We finally have our first glimpse of Ryu! Maggie was very happy to see him. They talked about a lot of things and Maggie was able to tell him about their grandkids!
Ryu stuck around for a while after Maggie went to bed and visited with youngest, Elisabeth.

Not sure if she’s too happy to see him or not.

Get ready for the next chapter because Michiru is looking for love!


            1. Awww, thanks!!! I don’t like to push my stuff too much so I never expect anyone to read it. I try to repay the kindness, though, so please know you’re on my short list of stories now! ❤


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