Chapter 26: Michiru’s Love

Michiru goes to a bar, meets a guy, and asks him to move in (wow).

I did a lot of playing Sunday and had enough content for two and a half chapters! The problem I’m running into is that I’m getting lazier and lazier with taking screenshots, uploading photos, and writing posts. This is the furthest I’ve ever gotten with a Legacy and it’s starting to get to me…
Anyway, enough whining. Onward!
Michiru came home from school early and aged into a young adult without a cake. Darn! She celebrated by having lunch with Maggie. She should perk up soon.
The sparkling food can really ruin a shot, gotta say… I think I’ve seen a mod for that?
I wanted Michiru to trim down a little but also raise her fun level so I moved the treadmill inside by the tv. There’s enough room. It’s a little tacky but I don’t feel like making a gym room right now. Maybe once the money starts coming in again then we can add on a new space for that.
Elisabeth is so cute! Look how excited she is for whatever is on tv!
I had Michiru join the painter career and she started on level 3 because of her excellent grades. Look how artistic she is with her clay and her paintbrush. Multitasker, I tell ya.
Back in the kitchen, I caught Elisabeth in the act of a selfie and wanted to see what their phones look like, and… BlicBlock? Weird.
Yuki and Toya aged into young adults without a cake YET AGAIN. I think I’ve missed every single one of their birthdays. Oops.
They both managed to get A’s before leaving school. I was nervous for Toya but he got it just a couple days before. Phew.
Yuki got a job as an astronaut and Toya as a writer. Or is it the other way around? I’ve since moved them out so I guess I won’t check. Oops. I think Yuki became an astronaut because he was active. That makes sense.

Elisabeth still has school so she does her homework just for the hell of it since she’s an A student. Her brothers like to keep her company and bother her by eating loudly…
Back to Michiru. This chapter is called “Michiru’s Love” so you’d expect to see a bit of that, yeah? Okay, fine!
Looking rather trim, Michiru went to the bar to mingle. Here is the problem I’m having with the legacy: relatives. Two out of three guys in this shot are related to her. If I wasn’t paying attention I wouldn’t know. INBREEDING. NOPE.

I took a long look around to see if there was anyone else on the lot. I didn’t feel like dealing with loading screens (I’m lazy, what can I say?) She started talking to the skinny guy, Adriel Adams. My hopes dropped when she learned his first trait: evil. Ugh. Not again.

Still, I decided he wasn’t bad looking and his nose was really interesting so I thought, sure, let’s go with it. They got on really well.

The relationship escalated quickly as planned. Boyfriend/girlfriend, kisses…

…aaand I took a different route than usual and had him move in.

Michiru didn’t seem like the traditional girl so I didn’t have them get engaged. I’m not sure how Maggie feels about this but I didn’t ask. I don’t think she minds.

However, Michiru started feeling under the weather. She though that perhaps a pregnancy test would be a good idea…

It was positive! She was not very pleased. Oh well, Michiru, this is what you’re destined for in a legacy family. You’ll be fine…


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