Chapter 24: Ryu’s Saving Grace

We finally beat Grim, Ryu and Maggie renew their vows, and Grim visits for a second time.

In the days leading up to Ryu’s passing, I had him upgrade a TON of stuff in the house. He mostly added bidets to all the toilets (they love those bidets, I’m telling you) and improved the strength of the pipes as well. I think he got through the new ones on the first floor before I heard the music and came to watch the sadness. Thankfully(?), Maggie was in the room and reacted. She was not a happy camper.

Per usual, I attempted to plead with Grimmy. He reacted differently this time and I held my breath…

Woohoo, he lives!!!

Even Ryu is like, “hey, thanks, dude!”

It was a very touching moment. Maybe Grimmy felt bad that Maggie was just starting her adult years when her husband decided to up and die.

I knew from reading other threads that they usually don’t get a lot of extra time so I decided to make the most out of it. I sent them to the museum to renew their vows. Maggie wore the dress she was wearing when she met Ryu, awwww.

Maggie then played a concerto and Ryu listened on, eventually moving over to make them drinks.

Maggie even got some tips!

Their niece, Bristol, happened to be around so I had to sneak a picture of her.

Sakura stopped by, too. (I thought she was pregnant when she left? Maybe I failed…)

Haru’s wife (wow, I am the worst) appeared before I decided to bring the group back to the house. No sooner than we returned that Ryu decided he was done for.

Maggie tried yet again to save his life…

…but Grimmy wasn’t giving out seconds.

Wow, lots of sadness for poor Maggie. Mourning a loved one, love of your life gone, loved one is evil (Ryu)…

BUT, lots of happy stuff, too! Renewing vows, good music, pleasant conversation, being around a good sim (Sakura), happy face (I forgot what this one is)

The orange one was because Ryu was being mischievous and told her he was an international agent or something

There you have it. Generation number 4 has left this world. Well, Maggie will be sticking around for a LONG time (which is good because her goal is to have four grandchildren) but Michiru will be our next heir.

Oh boy…

For the next chapter, click here.

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