ISBI: The New House

Sorry about the delay! My legacy regained my interest so I took a little break from my ISBI. I know some people really like it so I really appreciate that! The real world has been really busy for me lately. I should be more free come November 1st…

Anyway, the little house has moved up in the world. Bray joining the household allowed the couple to expand a little.
The foyer, not well decorated yet (we’re on a budget, okay?).
The former bedroom turned family room. I’ve intentionally left the walls bare so the torch bearer can add paintings (she has an easel now!).
First floor bathroom, unchanged, actually.
Office, very boring. Since taking this picture, I’ve removed the computer because they are OBSESSED with it.
Kitchen, pretty much unchanged on this end.
But they added some square-footage.
Look at that cute back door!
The upstairs deck is looking super cute (no longer, since I had to sell things for bill money… She kept her easel, though.).
Full view of the back.
Ben’s room (and whoever joins him).
Upstairs bathroom, almost identical to the first floor.
The upstairs landing. Very bare. Hoping to add on when money perks up a bit.
Master bedroom, still boring and just moved upstairs.

For the next chapter, click here.

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