Chapter 21: Sakura

Sakura becomes a teen and meets a boy.

Haru spent the weekend collecting things around the house. He also used the family’s store of stones, fossils, and frogs to help him along. Now he’s waiting back for the elements he sent in. Now I can finally see what that element display case is about.

We last left off with Elisabeth joining the family as a baby. Well, she’s past those days, thankfully. We had a rough time in the house with everyone running to coo at the baby instead of doing something useful. She aged up in the morning before the rest of the kids left for school so she waited until the rest of the kids were home to do homework together.

As you can see, Ryu spends a lot of time on the computer because of his programming job. He’s doing really well and this is a lucrative career. Rei visits him sometimes in the middle of the night to keep him company while he’s working on apps and video games.

There’s no story here but I wanted to point out that Michiru was playing with her toys at dinner. She had the superhero sitting in front of her bowl before and it just made me laugh. 🙂

Sakura came home from school early one morning and aged up into a teen! She gained the jokester aspiration as well as the trait of clumsy. Aunt Kaida walked by shortly after (as well as this other woman) so Sakura decided to introduce herself to the newcomer.

They wouldn’t stop talking, actually. Sakura is thrilled.
She tried to meet several people just outside her house but then she quickly gave up and took the people she had met to the park. She met a few more people and when her siblings returned from school she called them all over for some bonding time.
Cousin Elle is up in the crow’s nest, too!
It was a busy day for Sakura because next I sent her, Haru, and Michiru to visit the neighboring house with the flock of teenagers that lived there. Michiru, although still a kid at the time, informed me she would be a teen soon so I figured it would be good to make her some older friends.
Sakura met this one guy named Avery Arnett. She found out his traits right away: gloomy and non-committal. Not a very good start but Sakura actually isn’t picky. She tried to cheer him up (as roommate Dani snoops).

While Haru chatted up redhead, Abigail, and Michiru talked to everyone, Sakura and Avery spent some time getting friendly. Not too friendly though, as Avery aged into a young adult right in front of her.

Before, this would have spelled disaster but I remembered that I downloaded a mod that lets teens and young adults continue romantic interactions. At this point in my playing I’m not keeping score so I don’t really care that I’m breaking the rules. 😛

The next day she invited him over to hang out.

I love his side eye – hilarious!

They got on pretty well.

Too well. You’re lucky your parents were outside, missy!

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