Chapter 20: Twins and Teendom…

The garden is too big, the household is too big, and they still adopt anyway.

Remember how I said I wouldn’t be taking as many pictures as I wanted? Well, this was all I got, haa.
Also, Maggie has been neglecting the garden. Oh dear… Good to see that the plants are reborn but I haven’t checked their quality. I hope they don’t reset to normal. *crosses fingers* I mean, raising five kids is a lot of work.

The kids are growing up and that means Maggie and Ryu are growing up as well. Maggie certainly looks more mom-like in appearance.

Ryu is looking more like a dad, too. Working and having five kids will do that to a man.

Well, one more big step for easier living! (What? No, like, babies are annoying. At least kids can feed themselves…) Yuki and Toya grew up! Yuki has glasses and Toya does not. It’s a good way to tell them apart. They grew up this way so it was fun. I never think to give my kids glasses so I’m glad it’s often random. I’ve since changed their hairstyles, too.
The best part about this picture is that I wasn’t paying attention to them and when I went to find them and see what they were up to they were climbing on the monkey bars in sync. I didn’t tell them to do that! It was amazing. Twin things.
The day after the twins aged up was Haru’s birthday. I decided to not get stuck with a depressed teen so a cake was made and I assembled the family together with some guests to celebrate.
(The red head is cousin, Elle.)

I am not a fan of those sunglasses. We’ll have to take those away… Anyway, Haru aged up with the aspiration of Curator and the traits genius and creative. He seems cool so far so we’ll see where he goes.

(Clown guy is cousin Cory)

As for Maggie, to complete stage three of her aspiration she needs to adopt. She went out for an hour or two and came back with little girl named Elisabeth. Maggie is pretty close to her aspiration but she’ll need to wait until she has grandchildren to complete it.

And with that we have a FULL HOUSE. 8 sims. I don’t think even Generation 1 had 8, did they? Maybe when I was marrying off the girls. STILL. This is a lot. I didn’t want this many… SIGH. (Message from the future: HAA HAAAA HAAAAAA)

Here’s the family tree! There might be spoilers if you’re reading this and I’ve already moved on to the next generation, but for now it’s all good.

I’m also crossing my fingers that a girl gets chosen as the heir. Of course I have ways of pushing things. As of right now, I’d prefer for Michiru to be chosen but Sakura and Maggie are best friends. BUT OH, Ryu is the current heir so it doesn’t matter! What’s up with him? I should probably look into that…


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