Chapter 22: House Upgrade!

Yuki sees something he shouldn’t have, Ryu has small eyes, and Haru earns the legacy’s first A.

Now that there are no longer any babies, Maggie has a LOT more time to herself. She happily spends her days cooking, gardening, and doing whatever she likes.

Poor Yuki. This is the first time one of the kids has ever walked in on something he shouldn’t have. He’s now scarred for life, thank you…

Sound the trumpets, Ryu is aging into an elder!

I’m really pleased with this next shot! I wasn’t able to get a true in-game photo because his age up message interrupted me while I was in tab mode so I got a screen grab instead. It’s just a great picture all around, in my opinion!

I stepped into CAS to change everyone’s outfits and decided to take a look at Ryu’s facial features to see if he had the age up bug. He probably does but, EH. Anyway, it was a good look at our current heir. I should have done this for every generation. Whoops!

More homework! I love all the chatter that happens while they’re working. This is such a lively household. If you’re wondering, it’s super hard to get everyone seated at the same time. I could not get Maggie in there before someone finished their homework. It was like musical chairs.

Maggie aged into an adult (yes, an adult!) the next day followed by Michiru aging into a teen. Michiru earned the art lover trait (in addition to her neat trait) and the public enemy aspiration (which I will ignore).

Loving your weird style, girl, but those socks and glasses have got to go…

The teens all came home from school the next day really sour. Everyone was tense. I don’t know why, though, because Haru became an A student! FINALLY! Everyone else is currently a B student but they’re all working hard to skill up.

I’m sort of fond of Sakura’s outfit – I like the pastels. (The skirt, top recolor, and tights are from ModtheSims.)

Ryu maxed out the programming skill, so that’s really good. And he made so much money from his programming escapades that they were able to build the house up a LOT!

There’s a bit too much room in certain places but there’s not a lot I can want to do about it. The bottom floor has too much space for the room with the piano but hopefully we can fill it in the future.

The upstairs has four rooms and two bathrooms (minus a tub in the one). They easily used up their ~$6k they had but it won’t take long to make enough for another shower/tub. I’m thankful I could put paint on the walls at least.


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