Chapter 19: Full House Again!

We catch up on “Simton Abbey”, Maggie has twins, and Michiru doesn’t like either thing.

I think the kids are on to their parents wanting a large family. Maggie’s family aspiration requires at least four kids. As we’re on three right now I realize that I should have adopted after Michiru was born (for that third leg of the journey) but NOPE, Maggie and Ryu are expecting yet again!
I guess they aren’t too upset. I mean, what’s the problem? There will be more kids to play with! Haru doesn’t see an issue. (But hey, he was the one that didn’t want another sibling… You kids and your mood swings.)

Oh, here’s another look at Sakura’s pretty little face. I never look at my Sim’s eyes but hers are green like Misaki’s!

At this point in the game I think I went on auto pilot and didn’t take as many screenshots as I’d have liked. I had a very busy week and weekend and didn’t feel like documenting. Still, I’ve gotten enough of the important parts and perked up a bit when I was playing Tuesday evening.

Anyway, Michiru aged up and… tada! Dark hair again! She looks like her mom a bit. I can’t wait until she (and the rest) age into teens and I can see who they really resemble.

The kids have developed a bad habit of going to bed before doing their homework and then waking up super early in the morning to complete it. Haru and Sakura are teaching Michiru their procrastinating ways.

Monday morning could not come soon enough for Maggie! Now that she’s become a baby making machine she really enjoys the peaceful time between no babies and children. She’s started watching the Romance channel to catch up on her shows. My favorite is Simton Abbey but she watches more of this medical show. (What would you call it?)

Seriously, whenever I say to myself “Okay, we’re going to stop after this next kid” I get a surprise in twins. This happened in Gen 1, too! Jung died and Misaki had the twins. Crazy.
Here we have twin set number 2: Yuki and Toya (looks like it’s a Cardcaptor Sakura generation. I promise I won’t use Syaoran but I DID use Meilin early on!! ALSO I PROMISE THERE WON’T BE A ROMANCE BETWEEN THE TWINS AS THERE WAS IN THE SHOW BETWEEN THOSE TWO CHARACTERS (NOT RELATED!), PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE.)

Michiru is a little miffed at the arrival of TWO new siblings. Her face could not have been better here, haha.


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