Chapter 18: Peace and Quiet?

Maggie enjoys being a mother and new baby, Michiru, arrives.

I’ve progressed much further than I’ve written here so some might be left out in the next chapter or two that I write. It’s been a few days since all of this happened so my apologies if my writing is a little sparse and I just report on what we have in the picture. I’ll try to be more creative.
Well, Kaida and her husband, Terry, moved out with their daughter, Elle. They got a cute house nearby with enough space for their second baby when he or she arrives.
Back at the legacy house it’s been a lot less busy with only Ryu, Maggie, Haru, and baby Sakura taking up space. Ryu goes to work in the morning, Haru goes to school, and Maggie stays home and takes care of the garden, house, and baby.
We caught out first glimpse of ghost Rei. Haru was not bothered. I’m thankful she didn’t walk in on him on the toilet…
That would have been rude, Rei
Haru went to bed after that (why were you up so late anyway, bud?) and Rei took to entertaining herself on the computer.
The next morning, Ryu and Haru both woke up pretty early and had breakfast together, chatting about life and how they missed their relatives. (That, or it’s late in the evening because Ryu is still in his work clothes!)

Haru has the Whiz Kid aspiration and he needs to play five games of chess. Ryu helps him out when he gets the chance. (I’m finding it easier to complete the chess game count in Sims 4 than Sims 3.)

The ghosts come by almost every night and I really like that, especially when they’re in a good mood. Takeo and Jung come by the most. Here we have an (again) pregnant Maggie chatting it up.

Ryu has been working hard to earn promotions. His current goals include making apps. They take longer than he’d like.

The day finally came for Sakura to age up! Who will she resemble more?

Darn! Another blonde! You’d think I would like this as I’m a blonde but, alas. 😛

Because it was a school day when she aged up, Sakura stayed home with Maggie and they worked on some of Maggie’s life goals, like reading to a child.

I think, despite often being tired, Maggie is enjoying her role in the family. Days like this are amazing to her.

And to think, soon she can pop out baby number three and she won’t have to worry about midnight snacking any longer…

The new baby arrives the next afternoon. Aunt Kaida came by just as Maggie and Ryu were coming back from the hospital and greeted her new niece. (I also found out that Kaida’s second child was a girl whom they named Bristol.)
Greetings, Michiru! Sakura is pleased to meet her new baby sister.

Where as Haru is slightly less than pleased…

It looks like he’s okay but he got the “unwanted sibling” moodlet following this. Ah, well, you can’t please everyone.

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