Chapter 17: Hey, Haru!

Gen 5 arrives, Rei leaves us, and we learn that ghosts have cellular plans.

Back to the grind!
The next evening who should appear but Spencer (wearing clothes!). He and Jung decided to have a conversation about how messy the house was at the time (for some reason there was a puddle in the room? I blame Spencer.)
Then they had to talk about crime, naturally.
And here’s me being an idiot by leaving the walls down, but look! Ghosts have cell phone plans!
Anyway, that night before bed, Ryu took to the computer and tried to hack into the Lothario Fund. He got away with $112.00 so it wasn’t a total bust. Here he is laughing maniacally.

And here is Miss Maggie in her third trimester!

I never gave y’all a good look at her face so here you go. Isn’t she lovely?

In the middle of that night she woke up in labor! Surprise, Ryu!

A baby boy joined the family and they named him Haru (it means “born in the spring” in Japanese). The ghosts were still hanging around so they helped out a bit.

Spencer looks on, awwwwwwwww

Jung holds his great-great grandson and my heart melts a little bit.

JUNG, you are the perfect first generation spouse. Just saying.

Rei was pleased to see Spencer in ghost form!


Very pleased…

So, this is an achievement in case you were wondering
Kaida met a guy at the gym named Terry! They hung out all day…

…and then got engaged, eloped..

…and then got pregnant.
We don’t waste time in this Legacy, let me tell you.
Ryu got a promotion! Look at his nerdy project manager outfit. He’s making good money now. Good for the future of this family since he’ll be the next heir.

Rei still hadn’t left the family at this point so she decided to paint a bit. She ended up covering the entirety of the wall behind her. I’ll take a picture next time I load up the game.

I also had her make breakfast whenever she could so the family would have some meals when she left…

Before that, though, Maggie found out she was pregnant again, too!

She looks thrilled

It’s good timing, though, because Haru aged into a child! Aaaaand we’ve got our original Asian features back again! The dark hair really helps, I think. The blondes and redheads were confusing me.

He kept strutting around so I couldn’t get a good view of his eyes without him looking so confident, haha
Uh oh… You lived a long life, Rei. I wouldn’t look so glum.

Everyone but Kaida had the “witness death” pop up but Haru was the only one to really cry. I had him wail at Grimmy but he did not grant her more time. It’s okay, I didn’t know what more to do with her…

It looks like the family is in good hands with Ryu, though. Kaida and Terry will probably move out shortly and leave the small family on their own. As Maggie’s aspiration is to have a large family, I may have this be another large one like the first generation.
Wait, what generation am I on? Let’s take a look!
We’re on Gen 5! Maybe their next child will be a girl so I can choose her as the next heir and continue with my alternating gender thing. 😛

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