Chapter 15: Greetings, Ghosts!

We meet the ghosts of our ancestors!

Heeeeey! I’m back for a bit! I sing with a symphony chorus and this is a concert week so, unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of time (if any!) to play right now. Still, I had to check out those ghosts!

Yung (spouse of Misaki!)
Ryu chatting with his great grandparents (they were both uncomfortable but soon after Yung was happy green)
They’re the only two that have appeared so far but I’m hopeful I’ll get some more the next evening.
Rei’s garden is going well but we’re still 7 away from having her aspiration complete.
Reina moved in with her daughter, Fiona, but her son, Cory, stayed with the main house. I’d like to see what he can accomplish.
That’s all for a quick update! Time to go to rehearsal…

For the next chapter, click here.

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