ISBI: Moving in & Little Feet

Brayan moving in was not as hard as I thought. More frustrating, actually. All he did the first day at home was play Sims Forever.

Bray, you’re not me. Get up and do something…
I had him join the culinary track because his cooking skill was already at 6. I figured why not try and have him be at least a little successful. He has to eat sometimes.
Also, gotta admit, Eva was eager to start a family and she knew that Bray would accept her proposal so it was no surprise when she ran to the bathroom to vomit almost immediately after she and Bray eloped. Soon after that she found out she was eating for two.
I love seeing the reactions that different sims have to hearing the news that they’ll be a parent. Bray did not disappoint.
He’s like “score!”
Life goes on, of course, and after coming home from work Eva had to start fixing things around the house that Bray couldn’t be bothered to fix. (Sims is addicting, you know.) The downstairs toilet was clogged and the stereo in the kitchen was broken. She went to bed first (it’s 1 AM when she gets home) and then got to work when she woke in the morning.
In her 2nd trimester and working on electronics. Danger!
Bray was really cute about Eva and the baby, even though he’s lazy as can be. You can see by her yellow plumbob that she’s not in the best mood.
She’s getting ready to pop, I’d say! In the middle of the night she woke up and I was informed that she was going into labor. Bray was appropriately startled.
He was more worried than Eva, actually. She yawned and crawled back into bed. I had to wake her up and force her to go to the hospital.
Related, sim dads are hilarious, I’ve found. They do this amazingly stupid run while the mother is just calmly walking around. Here’s a video from my legacy when I noticed the running. (This is Dorian, Reina’s husband – sorry that it’s not cut well/the video looks really funky.)
More running.
Still more running…
Will they have a boy or girl? Oh, what blood line am I playing? That seems important.
I guess I should choose soon…

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